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Unique Attire for Your Groom

Unique Attire for Your Groom

If your man isn’t the type to work the standard dark suit with matching tie, this round-up is definitely for him.




We’re always talking about brides with great original style, but we rarely discuss the gentlemen that inspire us with their dapper duds and tastemaker attitudes.








When he wants to wear a suit, but also wants to stand out, have him wear an outrageous jacket that fits his personality. Above, this plaid coat is perfect with the vest and tie, and also really complements the bride’s ensemble.







There’s a reason we sometime steal his jacket–he often doesn’t need it. For warm weather weddings, or for grooms that stay plenty warm on their own thankyouverymuch, have him ditch the jacket. Both of these grooms above and below wore a basic white shirt and colored denim and added their own details. Above, a woven hat and leather vest suited this man’s rock-n-roll, biker vibe. Below, this modern boho groom chose bright aqua details with his short sleeve button-up shirt.











We love people that can confidently play with pattern and color.  Above, these two grooms chose out-of-the-box fabrics for their classic suits. Above (left) this groom went for a rust-colored jacket and vest over a pair of deep brick trousers. With navy accessories this is one of our favorite groom looks for an autumn wedding. On the right, this groom opted for a tie with a bright floral pattern on a deep background. Definitely a modern nod for a garden or shabby chic event.







Not every dashing groom needs to wear brights. Mixing and matching neutrals is also an excellent way for a groom to show off his fashionista (or would it be fashionisto?) skills. Above, this natty tweed vest is very professor-chic. Paired with a pair of slim-cut khaki pants and a taupe tie, it looks refined, but casual. His wedding was set in Northern Ireland, and he blended in seamlessly with his surroundings.


Below, I can’t get over how flawless this suit look is. He has assembled a suit out of several items that you wouldn’t think would go together, but he is so pulling it off. In his navy suit, gray, vest, brown plaid tie, and wine polka dot pocket square he looks amazing. We tip our hat to you, sir.












One of our favorite men’s trend is the inclusion of sweaters into wedding day attire.  I mean, who doesn’t love a man in wool? Use a thin cardigan made of merino or cashmere to wear as an alternative to a traditional suit vest.  It has a more laidback and less formal vibe.  Plus you can save your groomsmen the cost of renting a suit, and just have them wear matching or coordinating cardigans.












Shawl sweaters are also really distinguished options for winter or lodge events. Above, this groom’s heavy button-up sweater and camel overcoat is just plain practical for the snowstorm churning around them.  Below, this groom chose a gingham shirt and shawl cardigan in a heavy waffle weave for his mountain lodge elopement.









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