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10 Beautiful Nail Colors for Fall Weddings

10 Beautiful Nail Colors for Fall Weddings

While you’re planning your perfect fall wedding, you can’t forget getting your fingers and toes into the autumnal spirit. These are the perfect nail colors for fall brides and bridesmaids!


Nude Taupe

Taupe is one of the most perfect nail colors for fall. It’s a simple look that will match with any wedding colors, and is ideal for the bride looking for a subtle nail color.


Rich Purple

You’ve got to love a rich, deep color. While you might feel like you need to stick to natural tones for your fall mani, a deep purple gives a cozy fall vibe while also adding a romantic flair to your look.

Fall Glitter

Gold Glitter

If there is one time to stock up on glitter, it’s your wedding day! A golden-hued glitter is one of the most perfect nail colors for fall brides.

Muted Blue

Deep Ocean Blue

If you love blue, opting for a deeper, more dramatic blue nail varnish is perfect to give your wedding that fall vibe.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Rose gold is all the rage right now, and it’s one of the most beautiful nail colors for fall brides. Classy and cool, rose gold nails will make you feel like a fall sunrise without being too flashy.



A gray mani is another option for an autumnal bride that will match with just about any color palette you’ve chosen for your big day. A bit bolder than nude-toned polish, but it still doesn’t distract from your look as a whole.


Peacock Blue

Peacock is one of the greatest nail colors for fall brides. It’s got the whimsy of green and teal, but is deep enough to stay subtle. It’s the perfect shade for a bride looking to make a statement while not having a distracting mani.

Bold Blue

Royal Blue

If you’re wanting to wear a really bold color on your big day, a royal blue will wow your guests and channel some serious fall vibes.



Deep reds are so terrific for fall. They match well with just about every fall color palette, and are a classic shade.

Light Pink

Light Pink

A light shade of pink is a romantic touch while also complementing the beautiful palette of autumn.