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10 Lob Hairstyles for Brides

These lob (long bob) hairstyles for brides range from boho casual to ultra glamorous.


Birdcage Veils

Birdcage and blusher veils look spectacular with lob hairstyles. This bride created full waves away from her face and paired it with a birdcage veil and flower. The look was easy to accomplish and went perfectly with her subtle retro theme.


Faux Braided Updo

You don’t need crazy-long hair to have a braided updo for your boho-chic event. There are plenty of options allowing you to either braid your own hair, or to use an extension to give you a great faux look. Tuck in flowers or decorative hair pins to cover up any “holes” in your ‘do, thus giving the impression of full, long locks.


Pinned Back

Lobs are so much fun to wear down, but especially when you’ve got a lot of layers, can be a bit of a pain to wear up. This effortless updo can be yours with a handful of trusty bobby pins. This type of lob hairstyle would be terrific at a casual or courthouse wedding.


Ringlets & Waves

This lob updo is pure Jane Austen bliss. Vintage brides with curly hair need to save this picture, stat. Shape your curls into petite ringlets and use a de-frizz product to help tame them.


Modern & Swept Back

Wearing a bold dress or accessories? Then slick your LOB back with just a few stray tendrils out for a softer effect, or completely sleek for a more fashion-forward look.


Tucked Under Glam

While ladies with lobs might be trying to make their bridal hair appear longer and more luxurious, another solution is to go shorter. Wear a chic tucked-under updo to shape your contemporary lob into a very glamorous, vintage hairstyle.


Jeweled Headband

If you don’t want to wear a veil, choose a jeweled headband or hair accessory that matches the style of your wedding dress. You can wear your hair straight, wavy, or curly with this style, so go with whatever flatters and is most natural to you.


Half Up

Who doesn’t love the simplicity of a half-up ‘do? This type of lob hairstyle is a total classic. Dress it up with a braid or clip and amp up the fullness with a volumizing spray.


Dynamic Headpieces

Mile-long waves often distract from modern bridal accessories, such as this cool tulle headpiece. Find a great statement hair accessory and style around it (again, a variety of lob hairstyles will work with these attention-grabbing pieces).


Wild & Untamed

And, of course, there is a simple lob hair solution, and that is to wear it like you do every day. If you love your go-to style, why not wear that on your walk down the aisle?