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10 Pink Lipsticks for Your Spring Wedding

10 Pink Lipsticks for Your Spring Wedding

Combat spring’s overcast days with these pink lipsticks.


Baby Pink

The secret to finding pretty pink lipsticks? Go with shades you adore that also flatter your skintone. If you want a demure pink look, try Clarins’ Baby Pink lipstick. For ladies with fair or medium coloring, it’s going to be a really natural, your-lip-color-only-better look.


Cool Pink

This cool-toned lipstick isn’t quite as bright as it is in the tube. For fair ladies, it’s going to be a vivid, but light, pop of pink. For darker skin shades, it will read as a peppy nude.


Rosy Mauve

A rosy mauve, Charlotte Tilbury’s Amazing Grace is a lovely, romantic shade for a spring wedding. To bring out the nude tones in the lip color, line your lips with a nude pencil first.


Classic Pink

This classic pink lipstick isn’t just an awesome neutral, it’s also crazy-affordable. We love it when pink lipsticks don’t cost us a fortune, and e.l.f.’s Classy averages at $3.


Bold Pop of Pink

This bright pink powerhouse by Clinque is not only a juicy and vibrant shade (called Go-Go Pop, naturally) it is also in a shiny lip lacquer formula. Pair with a nude blush and classic eye so that your lips can steal all the attention!


The Ultimate Makeup Staple

Want your pink pout to last a little longer? Use a lip stain. Benefit’s Benetint has been a favorite for years because of its rosy hue for lips and cheeks. While not ideal for the fairest skin tones (especially on cheeks), it’s great for medium and darker skin tones with its buildable color. It is a little drying, so after it has set, apply a touch of lip balm.


Berry Pretty

Love brighter shades, but don’t like full coverage lipsticks? Find a sheer lipstick in a bold color that will give you all the cheery fun without making you feel like you have the dreaded makeup “cake face.” Because these are sheer, you will need to pack this tube in your purse because it’s not long lasting (but we think this product feels so amazing that it doesn’t matter if we have to re-apply a few times throughout the day).


Barbie Pink

Give your lips a case of “Barbie”-pink attitude with this light-infused lipstick from M.A.C. In the shade Be Fabulous, this will look most impactful on tan skin tones.


An Array of Pinks

If you haven’t tried Anastasia’s lip colors yet, you are missing out. Their liquid lipsticks are full of pigment and offer a heavier and more long-lasting coverage. Their lip glosses are equally pretty, but a little more everyday wearable. With this collection, you can find the right pink for yourself each day, and even layer with the champagne gold gloss when you want to add a metallic sheen.