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10 Summer Beauty Tips

Look and feel your best this summer.

Use Less Makeup

When it comes to summarizing our summer beauty tips, it ultimately boils down to less is more. Have a purse loaded down with cosmetics? Lighten up your load with fewer products. Spend less time in front of the makeup mirror and more time in the sun and fresh air.

Waterproof Products

In the heat, our mascara and eyeliner can often run. Either skip that makeup step, or purchase a waterproof formula that will be less likely to budge.

Important Skin Care

During summer not only are we exposed to different levels of sun and heat than we are used to, we are also using different products, such as higher SPF sunscreen. Skin care is just as important as during the winter. Stick to your routine and add relevant products to your regime as necessary, such as a blemish cream for breakouts or an exfoliant for dry patches.

Use Sunscreen

The more you use sunscreen, the more you will thank yourself later. Seriously, your 50 year-old self will want to send you a fruit basket. Protect your skin with appropriate coverage for your day’s activities (even when that summer day is overcast).

Glowing Skin

Heavy matte foundations and powders don’t always hold up well in lots of heat and humidity. Instead, choose an oil-free BB cream, tinted moisturizer, or natural finish foundation. Ladies with dry skin can even get away with a dewy finish during summer.

Summery Shades

Summer is the season for warm, neutral makeup. Effortless chic is definitely the big trend this season, so put away your deep red lipsticks and black liquid liner for fall. Find eyeshadows with champagne tones and nude lip glosses to nail the golden goddess look.

Adjust Foundation Color

Our skin color often shifts a little bit during summer, either due to self tanning or from being out in the sun. Match your foundation to your overall skin color, even if that means purchasing a new shade for the season.

Hydrate & Moisturize

It seems counterintuitive, but despite the extra oil and sweat on your face during summer, moisturizing is still really important. If you need to, switch to a lighter, oil-free formula. Also, stay hydrated. Drinking enough water can have an amazing impact on your skin and overall health.

Restore Hair

Summer is hard on our locks. There can be breakage from not only tying our hair back more frequently, but also from sunbathing and swimming in pools. Find a good deep conditioning product to help restore your hair’s shine and luster.

Wear Sunglasses

One piece of advice normally forgotten with summer beauty tips is how to protect your eyes. A great pair of sunnies is essential for so many reasons. On a surface level, they keep you from squinting, thus reducing early fine lines and wrinkles. But more importantly, your eye health benefits from them. Find sunglasses with good UV/UVA protection, and if possible, select a pair with larger lenses to help cover more area.