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13 Manicures for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are single and sassy or head over heels in love, we’ve got the manicure for you! Let your nails show how you really feel this Valentine’s Day with these 13 gorgeous manicures.

Heartbeat: We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and this one is at the top! Running late for your V-Day date? You can do this manicure yourself in no time.

Pretty in Pastel: Baby blue, pastel pink and mini red hearts. Does it get any better than this?

Floating Hearts: Freshen up your usual red manicure with these floating white hearts. Grab your polish to recreate this quick and easy V-Day manicure.

Neon Love: We love a good gold manicure. Toss in some neon pink and a little black and white and we are officially obsessed.

Lots of Love: Layer up your favorite colors for this cute take on a heart manicure. It’s a piece of cake to make this modern manicure your own.

He Loves Me: A little sass and a very steady hand will get you this super cute mani.

Love Struck: Mixing calligraphy and etched red hearts is the best thing we’ve ever seen. This manicure feels equal parts sweet and sassy.

I Heart You: This easy manicure is a showstopper. The lipstick kiss is the perfect accent detail.

Hug Me: Conversation hearts are pretty much a Valentine’s Day necessity. Mimic your manicure after this classic candy and get this conversation started.

Mini Heart: Sweet and simple, this is the perfect manicure for Valentine’s Day or your wedding day. It’s easy to fall in love with this look!

No Hearts Here: Not the gushy heart type of gal? Decorate your nails with this fun red and white design instead. We’re all about this lacy accent.

Heart Balloons: Balloons are cool. Heart balloons are cooler. Fly away with this adorable manicure.

Whimsy Watercolor: Forget the red hearts and go with a more minimal manicure with this pink watercolor style.

Credits: Heartbeat   |   So Nailicious   |   Floating Hearts   |   Neon Love   |   Lots of Love   |   He Loves Me   |   Love Struck   |   I Heart You   |   Hug Me   |   Mini Heart   |   No Hearts Here   |   Heart Balloons   |   Whimsy Watercolor