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15 Unique Bridal Manicures

15 Unique Bridal Manicures

Which one of these 15 manicures fits perfectly with your bridal style?




Chances are that you already have a pretty good idea of how you want to look on your wedding day. Your hair and makeup are already planned out but there might have been one other detail that has slipped through the cracks. Your nails. Whether you are a nail polish junkie or a fan of the au natural look, it’s important for your hands to look their very best on the big day. How else are you going to show off your amazing new wedding band in all its sparkling glory?






1. Mixed Metal Manicure: These metallic nails are perfect for the modern bride who wants her nails to sparkle as much as her ring. Keeping the contrast between golds and silvers, this manicure was made for all of you statement-making brides.






2. Golden Accents:  Consider spicing up a nude manicure with these gold accents. The minimal stripes and glitter statement nail are just the right amount of ‘Wow’ to change your everyday look to your wedding day look.






3. Something Blue: Still haven’t found that something blue? Look no further than this pastel-esque polish. It would look ah-mazing on a bright spring day.






4. Grey & Glitter: If you tend to be drawn to darker colors but still want your nails to pop, try adding a glitter tip. This grey and glitter combination above is a go-to for brides that aren’t looking for that traditional look.






5. Naturally Nude: Always a classic, nude nails look great on brides! There is nothing to distract your guests and guy from staring at that completely gorgeous ring.






6. Lovely Lace: Lace and weddings just seem to go hand in hand. Pull your bridal style together by bringing in a lace swatch from your wedding dress to have your manicurist match it. It’s hard work but will definitely be worth the flawless results.






7. Statement Nail: One super sparkly nail is super in right now. Accent any colored manicure with a statement nail and you will be ready to walk down the aisle in style.






8. Pretty in Pink: There is just something about the color pink that exudes romance. Choose the shade that you like best and be ready to show off your pretty hands.






9. Classic French: Timeless and traditional, the French manicure has always been a favorite for brides. Paired with a long veil or illusion dress, this look will reach its maximum beauty.






10. Romantic Red: Be radiant! Red nails are perfect for vintage inspired brides. Pair them with a red lip or a smokey eye and you will dazzle.






11. Polka Dots: These party-ready nails are just screaming to pop the champagne. Pick two colors from your color palette and get the party started!






12. Bouquet Inspired: One of my favorite takes on the traditional french tips are these pastel colored tips. Grab the inspiration from your bouquet and it’s a match made in heaven.






13. I Heart You: Sweet and simple, this manicure will show your husband-to-be how you really feel.. as if he didn’t already know.






14. Oh My Ombre: This faded pink manicure is a great look for a beach wedding. You can get this look in almost any color!






15. Chrome Tips: For a modern alternative on the French manicure, consider going chrome! It is a chic twist that will look great in your wedding photos!




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