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7 Things to Know Before Getting Lash Extensions

7 Things to Know Before Getting Lash Extensions

Looking to get lash extensions before your big day? These are the 7 things you have to know before taking the plunge.

Not to be totally dramatic or anything, but lash extensions are seriously life-changing. They’re kind of like a spray tan— you look perfectly fine without them but once you see how well they enhance your natural beauty, you’re hooked. Eyelash extensions (and, okay, spray tans) are particularly terrific for wedding day beauty. They look gorgeous in photos, make your eyes look ten times bigger and make you look rested and refreshed no matter how little sleep you’ve had the past week prepping for your big day! With that said, they are a commitment of both time and money, so you definitely want to be fully prepared before you head to the salon. Read on for our lash extension survival guide.

Grooming is required. Just like hair extensions, lash extensions require maintenance. You’ll want to use a spooly brush to brush out your lashes every morning and while you’ll want to go about 12 hours post-service without getting your extensions wet, it’s a good idea to wash them with diluted baby shampoo once a day to remove build up and mascara.

Mascara is not required. You don’t need mascara with lash extensions— that’s kind of the point! If you do want to amp up the drama on your big day with a bit of mascara, apply it lightly, and only to the tips of your extensions to avoid clumping (and eventual tearing).

Skip oil-based products. Try and keep facial cleansers, oils and make up removers away from your lash extensions. These products can break-up the lash glue and cause your extensions to fall out prematurely. If you’re getting your makeup professionally done, be sure to ask the MUA to use non-waterproof mascara as well.

Lash extensions last about 21 days. Which is the perfect time frame for your wedding and honeymoon! If you’d like to keep them in longer, you’ll need to get them filled every three weeks, since they fall out naturally just like your natural lashes. Most techs suggest giving your natural lashes a three-month break every year.

Not all lashes are created equal. There are synthetic, silk, and mink lash extension versions that vary in price and quality. If you have healthy, strong and thick natural lashes, you can probably handle synthetic extensions. If your natural lashes are thin and delicate, silk or mink is probably better since the synthetic versions can be a bit heavy.

You can customize length and fullness. Most extensions come in varying lengths and fullness; you can opt for long and sparse or full and short depending on your desired vibe. Your lash tech will be able to tell you what your natural lashes will be able to handle and for how long. And on that note…

Research your tech. When lash extensions go wrong, they can go really wrong (tear out your natural lashes wrong). Look for a lash tech that has sample before and after photos on their Instagram or in the salon. Also, be sure they’re certified in eyelash extensions before committing to a tech. The last thing you want is clumpy, spidery lashes with obvious glue dots around your eyes for your wedding day!