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8 Nail Tips for a Picture Perfect Manicure

8 Nail Tips for a Picture Perfect Manicure

Keep your nails shining as bright as your new ring all engagement long.

So he put a ring on it and you’ve snapped the pic for your Insta, but it doesn’t stop there. Up until your wedding day it seems like everyone will be asking to see the symbol of your new relationship status. For each time you show off your sparkling new ring, keep your manicure shining just as bright with these nail tips.

Indulge in acrylic or gel treatments sparingly.

When your engagement session or wedding day rolls around, an acrylic or gel treatment is convenient and long lasting for photos. For the time in between, you’ll want to avoid these options for the sake of your nail’s health (and your budget). Not only can UV lighting in nail drying devices dry out your nails and damage the skin around them, the strong products used in these treatments can also weaken your nails.

Stop the nail biting.

This bad habit causes breakage in the nails over time but it’s not always an easy one to quit. Avoid nail biting to prevent severe fractures and ridges in your nails and trim them straight across as necessary. You’ll always want to keep a nail file handy to smooth out any rough edges.

Avoid cutting cuticles.

You’ve probably heard this one plenty of times before but it can’t be stressed enough. By cutting cuticles, your nails are more vulnerable to bacteria and a greater possibility of infection. If they’ve already been cut, apply a cuticle cream to your nails to help repair the damage.

Prep well before you polish.

Whether you just rocked the latest nail art or your last manicure has gradually chipped away, make sure you remove all traces of previous polish before applying a fresh mani. Start by cleaning your nails thoroughly with an acetone-free polish remover to avoid drying out your nail beds quickly. You’ll also want to avoid scrubbing heavily and using metal tools under the nail to prevent damage. As an optional step, you can apply a small amount of white vinegar to your nails to remove any additional product buildup.

Before painting, don’t forget the base coat.

Investing in a strong base coat is the key to a beautiful manicure. Group texting your bridesmaids can take a toll on your nail tips, so apply a layer to the top half of each nail first before covering them from edge to edge. Base coat will also keep the color looking more saturated while preventing chipping.

Dry your nails with cool air and reapply top coat frequently.

Once you’ve painted your nails, dry them fast using the cool air setting on your blow dryer or with a fan. To prevent further chipping and enhance the appearance of your manicure, reapply a layer of clear top coat every few days.

Keep your nails hydrated.

Like you would with your skin, prevent your nails from drying out by moisturizing them frequently. Research the best nail replenishing products, hand creams and cuticle oils to keep your nails and the skin around them feeling refreshed just leading up to your big day. When washing your hands, use mild soap to replenish skin — hand sanitizer will dry out your nails and top coat.

Improve the health of your nails with the right foods.

With the right vitamins and supplements, you can strengthen the keratin that makes up your nails. Incorporate protein-rich foods like almonds, salmon and lean red meats to boost your mani (these are great for maintaining healthy hair too).

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