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8 of the Hottest Bridal Nails for Your Wedding Day

Bridal nails are trending and we’ve got you covered!

If you recently got engaged, you’re probably already on Pinterest getting tons of ideas (or just narrowing down your existing wedding boards). From dresses to flowers, there are tons of things to think about.


Bling, Bling!

Most brides immediately think of two options when thinking about their wedding day nails: French manicure or pale pink. Up until recently, these were the go-to trends. Nowadays, however, brides are trying different colors and designs — and we’ve gotta say, we love where this is going! Your diamonds aren’t the only things that should sparkle on your wedding day. Several brides have been choosing to add little gems to their nails to give them an extra bit of bling. The look is really pretty and can accentuate your new finger jewelry nicely.



You’re probably busy deciding on colors and wedding party members, and you may have already started thinking about hair and makeup. While you’re at it, you should definitely check out these gorgeous bridal nails! If adding gems to your nails is too much but you still want to sparkle, consider glitter. The look is very elegant and is becoming more and more popular among new brides.


Pop Bottles…And Color

Pop the question…pop the champagne…and add a pop of color to your nails on your big day! Getting away from the nude, pink and French manicure is all the rage these days. Consider something else classic like red…or go super glam with navy.



One of our favorite new trends is matte polish (usually any polish can be changed to matte with the help of a nifty top coat). Brides can opt for matte polish (we love white or pink) for their wedding nails to get a different look that is still very classic.


Lace Like

If you have a talented nail artist, you may ask for a lace-like design on your nails. The look is absolutely stunning. We suggest going with a light pink, nude, or clear and doing a white design on top.


Shape Up

Different nail shapes are so in right now! If you’re feeling adventurous, try an almond shape or the newly-popular coffin shape (love, love, love). There is something super elegant about a long nail, so why not go for it?



If you want something classic but what to put a spin on it, why not try an ombre? You’ve probably heard the term referring to hair, but nail techs can paint your nails similarly, making the colors blend. Our favorite for brides? A French ombre. Notice how there isn’t a definitive white line…it just sort of blends. Pretty, right?


Metallic Stripes

Stripes are in and metallic stripes are so trendy! These flashy pieces are applied to your nail after you get polished and are sealed in with a top coat. Choose gold or silver nails for a little bit of bling.