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A Perfect Bridal Updo Tutorial is the Start of Great Bridal Style

A Perfect Bridal Updo Tutorial is the Start of Great Bridal Style

Choose a stunning bridal updo tutorial to perfect your wedding day look.

french twist tutorial

French Twist

Would a different style of the same name still look as French? This messy version of the French twist is so inherently European and laissez-faire, you’ll instantly look très chic.

Braided Chignon

Braided Chignon

Braids are no longer just for children and hippie chicks, especially when they are incorporated into a sophisticated updo. This pretty look will fit the bill on a range of wedding themes.

simple chignon updo

Simple Chignon

This is a bridal updo tutorial that you should definitely stash for the future. Because if this easy hairstyle isn’t what you finally decide to execute on the wedding day, it’s definitely a beautiful way to elevate your everyday look at work.

mohawk tutorial

Big Mohawk

This hairstyle is a big statement, exactly the kind that a bride with a strong sense of style will love. Who thought that this “mohawk” look could look so stunning and feminine?

tuxedo bun

Tuxedo Braid

If you are all for changing things up and showcasing your creativity, the tuxedo braid bun is the bridal look for you. It’s as simple as flipping your hair over your head and making a french braid that you finish off with a bun. Give it some practice before the big day. It can be hard to master, but it’s definitely worth it!

cross over pony tail

New Pony

Here’s a bridal updo that’s truly more of a half-do. This elegant crossover ponytail will keep your hair off of your glowing face, yet still show off the length and texture of your beautiful locks.

twist and tuck

Twist and Tuck

It looks so elaborate and eye-catching, it must have taken hours to do and countless trials. Now that’s where you’re wrong. This bridal updo tutorial helps you master this incredible hair style in less than 10 minutes. That’s not even enough time for your arms to get tired!

loose braided updo

Romantic Braided Updo

Soft, touchable, and romantic, this braided updo tutorial is the recommended look for brides going for a natural “undone” look. It’s a hairstyle that everyone will think took forever, and only you will know was a piece of cake.

Classic chignon

Classic Chignon

If you don’t feel confident with a lot of hair tools and preparation, this might just be the perfect DIY style for your long hair. It’s easy enough to practice with a daily look and then glam it up on the wedding day with a special comb or clip.

knotty updo

The Knotty Look

Whoever said having knots in your hair was a bad thing, clearly couldn’t imagine this elegant hairstyle. It’s so difficult to believe that this fancy look is actually as easy as “French” knotting your hair and tucking the bottom under.