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Bold & Bright Lipstick for an End of Summer Wedding

Bold & Bright Lipstick for an End of Summer Wedding

Choose from bold violets, vibrant reds and berry pinks to achieve the hottest look of the season.

bright lipstick

Kissable Lips

Yes, this bright lipstick does make you look like you spent all summer eating popsicles while wedding planning. And that’s exactly why your new husband will have to investigate the matter more closely…

venezia lipstick

Roman Holiday

A bright red with an attractive orange tint is something every warm-toned bride has been looking for. You’ll thank your lucky stars for finding this long-lasting liquid lipstick (great for brides needing a durable application).

mac instigator

Violet Hues

Perfectly matched with jewel tone bouquets, this violet lipstick will give the bride serious style, and all the guests a case of fashion envy.

pink lipstick

Pretty in Pink

Modern and fresh, this cool-toned pink is such a pretty color. You’ll be surprised at its versatility and how attractive your smile will be under a layer of this bright lipstick.

melon drop lipstick

Melon Pop

This sheer lipstick is one that you are going to want to keep in your purse forever, even after the wedding day. It feels like a chapstick but has buildable coverage.

savage garden

Savage Garden

This is that dark, nearly vampy, look that is going to be popular this fall, and inevitably into the winter. This plumping shiny lip potion is just what you need to be considered as a trend maker!

bright lipstick red

Forget Hollywood

Show off that tan you have been working on all this summer by wearing a bright red lipstick on your wedding day! This color is not too overbearing, even for an outdoor wedding in bright sunlight.

oxblood lipstick


Too purple for burgundy, too red for berry, this gorgeous shade is universally flattering and a winner in every regard. The bold lip won’t overpower your face, but it will emphasize the beauty of your mouth and create an elegant and polished look.

berry color lipstick

Berry Nice

A warm berry color is just what a fashion-forward bride needs. It sends a stronger statement than a neutral, but won’t compete with your features.

ruby woo

Real Red

A classic look loved by makeup artists and enthusiasts alike, this award-winning shade is the perfect red. A matte formula, it’s ideal for vintage looks and timeless brides.

pink lipstick

Bright Pink

This lipstick definitely isn’t your grandmother’s pink. A gorgeous bright rose, it’s just the thing to celebrate both the end of summer and the beginning of your new life together.

deep red lipstick

Red Wine

Everyone needs a deep red, and this matte wine is one that can either be worn alone or under a clear gloss for a wet look. Vibrant and bold, classic and bohemian brides alike will fall in love with this great shade.