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How to DIY the Perfect Bridal Hairstyle, According to Stylists

How to DIY the Perfect Bridal Hairstyle, According to Stylists
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Doing your own bridal hair wasn’t in your plans, we get it. A lot has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. If your big wedding has been postponed or canceled and you’re now working on pulling off intimate nuptials at home, we want to help! 


We talked to hairstylists across the country to get tips for pulling off near-professional bridal hairstyles you will be proud to sport down the aisle to say “I do.” As you peruse the tips, remember this: A wedding is ultimately about celebrating love and commitment, and the virus can’t take that away from you. Plus, you can still feel your best even if a full-on beauty team isn’t on its way to your bridal suite. 


Read on for achievable (we swear!) DIY bridal hairstyle tips anyone can follow. Create a style using beautiful bridal hair accessories and bridal hair pieces, or go for more simple styles that work for all types of hair, from short to long and from curly to straight. Brides, we got this! Especially since we included every product you’ll need to create an unforgettable, special wedding day hairstyle friends and family who see your pics will swear was done by a professional.


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Tip 1: Hairspray

Kenra #13


Lindsay Shields from No Filter Glam tells us that hairspray is essential to making a style last and recommends Kenra in a 13. “This is a medium hold, which will allow you to style the hair and hold it without the crunch.” The formula works great for updos or if you want to wear your hair down in curls. “Lightly spraying each strand of hair before you curl will help with longevity,” Shields advises.

10 ounces

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Tip 2: For Short Hair

Becca Beaded Headband


Celebrity hairstylist Donna Marie Fischetto says, “Use a bold center part with either straight hair or waves to shape the face. Add a sparkle clip or headband to give some height at the crown.” This bridal band is pretty and upscale-looking for your big day.

1.25 inches
Acrylic beads, velvet and faux suede

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Tip 3: Hair Comb

Brides & Hairpins Rhea Halo With Combs


Sure, this stunning bridal hair comb is a splurge but OMG is it gorgeous! Marquise gems adorn a hand-twisted wire that perfectly accents a variety of hairstyles, from a bun to a side-swept braid.

14k gold, silver or rose gold
Nickel free

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Tip 4: For Long Hair

Shu Uemura BB Hair Cream


New York area bridal hair stylist Nicole Eventoff tells MyWedding, “Natural, undone looks are so popular for bridal hair this season.” She adds, “A beautiful blow dry begins with a heat protectant.” She recommends using a quarter size amount of Shu Uemura BB Hair Cream to the mid-shaft and ends pre heat treatment.

5 ounces

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Tip 5: Hair Pins

Ariel Hair Pin


Fischetto recommends decorating a loose bun or a soft long style with pins. This elegant graduated pearl pin is the perfect accent to any bridal hairstyle, and the wallet-friendly price means you can purchase more than one to pump up any ‘do.

Glass pearls with gold plating
2.75 x 0.45 inches

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Tip 6: For Half-Up Half-Down

Remington Pro Hair Setter With Thermaluxe Technology


Fischetto recommends using hot rollers first, then securing your hair in a half-up style using pins. Add fresh flowers to make the look even more fun.

12 1-1/4 and 8 1-inch rollers included

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Tip 7: For an Updo

Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade


Savannah Fincher from Blo Blow Dry Bar offers these tips for creating a simple updo bun: “Begin by placing your hair into a ponytail (the placement of the ponytail is where your bun will sit). Once you have secured your hair with an elastic band, braid the ponytail to the ends and secure with a small clear elastic or a small elastic that matches your hair color. Grab the braid by its ends and wrap it in a rotary motion around the base of your ponytail. Secure the bun by pushing bobby pins through the braid and into the ponytail.” She recommends applying pomade like this highly rated option from Aveda to your hair prior to braiding to keep it sleek and smooth.

2.6 ounces

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Tip 8: For Wearing Your Hair Down

Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron


Try soft, romantic waves for your at-home wedding day ‘do. Shields says, “If you want a more beachy wave look, you can wrap your hair around a curling iron.” Just be careful not to turn the iron up too hot to avoid damage. A 1.5-inch barrel iron like this one is ideal.

Dual voltage

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Top 9: For Curly Hair

Drybar the Bouncer Universal Diffuser Attachment


Eventoff says achieving a beautiful curly bridal style starts by shampooing and conditioning your tresses the night before the wedding. A nourishing oil that won’t weigh hair down is next. Then, blow dry the hair using a diffuser. “Once it’s 80 percent dry, define the curls by taking small sections and twisting in the direction the natural curl is going. Finish the look with a soft braid or twist at the crown and seal with an elastic.” Spritzing on an anti-frizz hairspray is the final step.

Fits most hairdryers

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Tip 10: Hair Clip

Brides & Hairpins Luna Clip


Sparkling and opaque marquise crystals in two sizes adorn this luxe bridal hair clip that will add elegance and a professional-looking flair to any style.

Silver plate
Nickel and lead-free

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Tip 11: For Fine Hair

IGK Beach Club Texture Spray


Shields tells brides with silky or fine hair, “Take your hair in sections and spray it with texture spray to give it some grit.” She adds you’ll love the smell of this texture spray and so will your soon-to-be spouse!

5 ounces
Vegan and cruelty-free

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Tip 12: Flower Crown

Yasmine Preserved Flower Crown


For a boho look that is beyond simple to achieve at home, simply wear your hair down and adorn your head with this beautiful preserved hydrangea crown that doubles as a sweet memento from your special day.

Satin ribbon with wire structure
One size

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Tip 13: For a Simple Bridal Hairstyle

Brides & Hairpins Octavia Pearl Jeweled Halo


Simply adorn your locks with this feminine hairpiece decorated with freshwater pearls, crystals and glass beads. Bonus: This whimsical accessory doubles as a sash if you want to switch up your look after the ceremony or change up your look when you walk down the aisle in a grander fashion in the future.

14 inches
47 inch and 60 inch sash ties
14k gold or silver

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Tip 14: For a Sophisticated Bridal Hairstyle

Mason Pearson Hair Brush


Professional results demand professional tools, and professional hairstylists like New York City-based Kali Ferrara use Mason Pearson boar bristle brushes to pull off sleek looks, like a low chignon. “It’s a timeless style and can be quite simple to do at home,” she told us. Start with damp hair and blow dry until smooth using a round brush. Part the hair in the middle or on the side, or slick it back without a part. “Use a light hold gel to slick the hair down in the direction you want the hair to lay using a bristle brush to comb out any bumps or fly-aways. Once all of the hair is gathered, tie it into a tight ponytail. Depending on how much hair you have, you can make one braid or two. Tie off however many braids you’ve made and wrap them around the base of the pony tail, being careful to tuck the ends under. Pin in place!”

All hair types
No animal harm

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Tip 15: Prep

Vitafusion Hair, Skin & Nails Multivitamin Gummies


Ferrara says, “If you have some time leading up to your nuptials, I always recommend a hair, skin and nail vitamin. These gummies are not only great to aid in the health and length of your nails and hair, but they’re actually a multivitamin all in one. Beauty on the outside starts with what you put in your body.”

100 gummies