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DIY French Twist

This take on a French Twist can truly be styled to channel any bride’s style.


You guessed it. We are taking you on another wedding whim adventure! This week is all about wedding worthy hairstyles with curls, twists and vintage brooches included.

We sat down with the experts themselves to learn the best advice for attaining your perfect wedding hair – no matter your style. This take on a French twist can truly be styled to channel any bridal look.

1.  We always recommend that brides come to their run-through appointments styled like they normally would on any given day. It’s important for us to understand the qualities of your hair so we can make a plan to best achieve your goals. For instance, if you’re often frizzy, wavy or dry, we will make a plan to work with it.

2. Absolutely bring in pictures of what you love and what you don’t love! We always try to understand a bride’s personal desires and biggest fears for her style. They are equally important and helpful in discovering your look.

3.  Finally, the most important (and most fun) part for us is to understand how you want to feel on your day. Any hairstyle can be tailored to your desires and has the power to change your whole look. Do you want to feel beautiful, conservative, sexy, glamorous, adventurous? This French twist for instance could be translated to any of these styles through its composition and accessories. Your day is about you, and your hair can reflect that in any way!

Thanks to our friends at Matthew Morris Salon.