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Find the Right Bold Lipstick for You!

Here are 11 stunningly bold lipsticks for you to play with!

We’ve still got a whole lot of winter ahead of us, and we’re all suffering from a case of the blahs, right?  One surefire cure is a bold, sassy lipstick to bring color back to our face and put a skip in our step.

Above, this pink lip is courtesy of Tom Ford’s Paradiso. It’s terrific on warmer skin tones, especially those that are also darker.  When you want to bring a bit of summer to February, this should be your go-to.

This classic Barbie pink is not only one juicy color, it’s also very affordable! Pick up Maybelline’s Fuchsia Fever at your neighborhood drugstore.

Want to wear a colorful lip, but still have it be office-ready?  Consider a peachy pink or coral shade. It will still be a statement, just a tad more demure. We like Albeit’s Geranium and Estee Lauder’s Defiant Coral.

It might just be easier for a gal to find the perfect man than it is to find the perfect red lipstick. You can search for decades for that Holy Grail.  Sometimes the key to finding your color is to look for something that ‘reads’ red you, rather than something labeled ‘red.’  For example, Givenchy’s Mandarine Bolero (below, left) is an orange-red that looks best on skin with yellow undertones, whereas the berry charm of Ilia’s Arabian Nights looks fabulous on rosy-cheeked, fair complexions.

Pretty reds like Lipstick Queen’s Medieval (below, left) can come in sheerer formulas, so that they can be layered depending on the depth of your skintone. One classic red that seems to have universal appeal is MAC’s Ruby Woo (below, right).

Not afraid of an extra-seductive makeup look?  We’ve got a few lippies for you to try, too.  Nars’ Scarlet Empress and Sephora’s Fresh Berries are deep colors that are total attention-grabbers.

One of our favorite deep shades is Anastasia’s Vamp. A liquid lipstick, this product has crazy pigmentation and will pretty much last you forever.

A few quick tips for bold lips:

  • Make sure that you have been using a lip exfoliator to keep those dreaded chapped, dry lips at bay.  Also make sure that you are using a good lip balm regularly to keep your lips silky smooth.
  • Your lips aren’t the only thing that is accented when you wear a bold lip.  Any skin imperfection can also be highlighted, so make sure to wear concealer over dark circles, red patches around your nose, or blemishes.
  • Use a lip liner.  While you might not use a lip liner all the time, dark lipstick can make feathering really obvious.  Keep that lipstick in line!

Now that we’ve got your lips covered, how about a gold manicure?

Credits:  Tom Ford   |   Maybelline   |   Albeit   |   Estee Lauder   |   Givenchy   |   Ilia   |   Lipstick Queen   |   MAC   |   Nars   |   Sephora   |   Anastasia