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Natural Beauty Tips & Tricks to Keep in Mind for Your Wedding

From DIY beauty ideas to beauty advice and tricks, keep these natural beauty tips in mind to achieve a flawless wedding day look.

Catch some zzz’s the night before.

Before we break into these natural beauty tips, we’ll start by saying a full night of sleep is so important! Pre-wedding butterflies may be keeping you awake, but it’s not worth it to lose sleep before your wedding. The night before, stay away from salty foods and alcoholic drinks right before bedtime to avoid puffy eyes in the morning. Because nobody wants to cake on makeup to cover bags under their eyes before their walk down the aisle.

Eat your water.

Yes, you read that right – drinking water is one way to hydrate your skin but don’t forget about those naturally hydrating snacks full of nutrients. These include foods that retain a higher water content such as cucumbers, watermelon and grapefruit.

Indulge in a natural face mask.

Caring for your face doesn’t mean just washing it daily. Especially if you have dry skin, a DIY face mask made of natural ingredients is a great way to enhance your daily beauty routine.

Avoid excessively bleaching teeth.

When the wedding day finally arrives, you’ll be smiling so much your face hurts. That being said you’ll want to avoid yellow teeth, but you don’t want to sacrifice your smile’s well-being (or your budget) with tons of heavy whitening treatments. After a Starbucks run, try the age-old natural remedy of a baking soda paste can to fix up those pearly whites. Just mix up a few teaspoons of it with fresh lemon juice or water then brush your teeth for one minute before rinsing. Unlike bleach treatments, your teeth won’t feel overly sensitive afterwards.

Don’t go crazy with tweezing.

You’ve got your hair and your makeup planned for your big day, but you can’t forget about your brow game. It’s easy to get caught up in over-arching when you pluck them, so unless you’re going for a super surprised facial expression in all of your photos, work with a professional in advance to clean up your eyebrows within their natural shape.

Exfoliate and moisturize the morning of.

Dry skin can get in the way of a youthful complexion. If it’s not scrubbed away, it causes breakouts and acne, so make sure to shed it before applying anything. A dermatologist can help you determine how often to exfoliate and which products to purchase (there’s also the DIY route) but exfoliating every single day can strip away your natural oils no matter your skin type. Before applying your makeup, clear your complexion to avoid clogging pores and follow up with a moisturizer to maintain a healthy glow.

Second day hair is the key to a long lasting hairstyle.

Have you ever tried curling freshly cleaned locks but they just won’t hold? Just about any hair pro will tell you the secret to a picture perfect updo is slightly dirty hair. Wash your hair the day before you walk down the aisle to give your scalp time to build up those natural oils that help keep your ‘do in place.
Beauty hack: For a scalp that produces lots of oils, dry shampoo is your best friend! Spray your scalp with it for absorption and a slight root boost before styling your hair.

Most importantly, stay true to your own beauty and style.

Whether you’re styling your own makeup and hair or you’ve hired a pro, you’ll want a wedding day look that’s true to you. If a darker shade of lipstick isn’t your style, then don’t feel the need to wear it. Stick with what you’re comfortable wearing because years down the road, you’ll want to look back on your wedding photos and recognize yourself.

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