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The 10 Best Fitness Apps for Brides

The 10 Best Fitness Apps for Brides

Getting motivated can be tough. Your phone is an incredible resource for those months leading up to your wedding day. You use it to check your RSVPs, update your free wedding website and keep up with your vendors so why not use it to keep in shape? Whether you want to focus on getting to the gym more often, eating better or just overall general health, there’s an app for that! These 10 fitness apps will help put you on the path to living a more healthy and happy lifestyle!




1. Endomondo



Endomondo is like having a little personal trainer right in your pocket. Making fitness fun and providing motivation, this app will help you get the most out of your favorite activities. All your fitness and health statistics are right in one place so that you can reach your goals and more!




2. Pocket Yoga





Sometimes the hardest part of going to a yoga class is getting up and actually going to a yoga class. This audio and visually-guided app gives you the option of 27 different routines for varying amounts of time. Download today and get ready to relax, tone and elongate your lovely wedding day muscles.




3. Pact





Are you a gambling enthusiast? Or maybe you just like beating your friends and family at various activities. Either way, Pact is an effective way to keep your fitness and weight loss goals by betting a little cash. It’s the second biggest commitment you’ll want to make before walking down the aisle. Trust us.




4. DailyBurn





With this easy to use app you can work out anywhere. 14 different workout programs offer a variety of ways to get in a quick sweat session. You’ll never get bored with the expert trainers keeping you engaged and motivated while you work toward your goals. With the flexibility to work out anywhere – there are no excuses!




5. MyFitnessPal





You can keep track of the calories you consume in an easy and organized way. By quickly adding and logging recipes from across the web (a database of over 5 million foods) you can easily stay on top of the food you’re putting into your body. You’ll easily become addicted to updating your food journal and keeping track of the pounds you’re shedding.




6. Nike+ Running





If you are the queen of cardio then you need this app. Nike has created a community of runners that inspires you to set new records, run your first race or simply just give you a reason to lace up your cute sneakers. With GPS trackers and pace trackers, you’ll be able to have all the information you need to perform at your best.




7. Fitocracy





Set your fitness goals and work towards them with an app that motivates you through badges that are unlocked as you go. With personalized workouts, expert coaches and daily accountability, this app will be your secret weapon to establishing healthy habits.




8. Pzziz Sleep





Sleep is just as important to your health as eating healthy and exercising daily. The relaxing sounds will allow you to recharge with a power nap or get a restful night’s sleep so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your morning workout or wedding planning tasks.




9. Lose it!





Where would you be without your bridesmaids? Think of this app as one of your closest girls. Based on proven principles of calorie tracking and peer support, you will be able to connect with all the information and motivation that you need to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to rely on this app (like you do your MOH) for all your weight loss needs and to celebrate your wins!