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The Best Glitter Nail Polish for Your DIY Mani

The Best Glitter Nail Polish for Your DIY Mani

You’re a low-key bride who doesn’t want to spend crazy amounts of money on an over-the top mani. So we’ve found some of the cutest glitter nail polish around to help add a bit of sparkle to your DIY manicure.

glitter wedding nails 1

Burberry Silver Glitter

This adorable silver glitter polish from Burberry is the perfect way to give your nails that luxe look without breaking the bank.


Starrily Ultima

A subtle hint of glitter is great, but think of all the pictures you’ll be taking of your hands to show off your new ring! This bold, starry glitter polish is a flashy accent to add to your wedding day mani.

glitter wedding nails 3

Black Holographic Glitter

There’s nothing like a nice mani done with a bold, black polish. While some might scoff at using a black polish on your wedding day, using this polish with a hint of sparkle is an ideal way to bring equal parts drama and fun to your wedding day look.

glitter wedding nails 4

Smith & Cult Shattered Souls

This gold glitter nail polish is a chic addition to your collection. It’s got the whimsy of glitter and that classic golden glow!

glitter wedding nails 5

White Holo Glitter

One of the perks of being the bride is that it’s officially a day you can spend feeling and looking like a princess. Why not up the magic by using this white glitter nail polish to add a touch of fairytale pixie dust to your wedding day look?

glitter wedding nails 6

Smith & Cult Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow

This pink glitter polish from Smith & Cult may have a long name, but it’s great for adding a bit of sparkle and a bit of romance to your DIY mani.

glitter wedding nails 7

Galaxy Purple

If you’re planning a wedding under the stars, why not bring some of that cosmic energy into your look by opting for this starry glitter nail polish?

glitter wedding nails 8

Hologram Diamond Glitter

This gel/lacquer combo is the perfect way to add a bit of sparkle to your look that won’t chip off as easily as a normal polish!

glitter wedding nails 9

Blackberry Winter

This grey glitter is an evocative shade for your wedding day manicure. Dramatic without having the heavy impact of black polish, it adds a hint of edge to your look without distracting from your whole outfit.

glitter wedding nails 10

Neon Glitter

Looking to step outside the norm for your wedding day mani? Why not go bold with this neon glitter polish? Set against white or a darker neutral tone, this polish brings a funky attitude to your nails.

glitter wedding nails 11


You can’t think of a wedding without also thinking of champagne, so this champagne glitter nail polish is the perfect way to bring some luxury to your wedding mani.