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Winter Skin Care Tips

No matter what your skin type, it is crucial to moisturize, especially in the winter.  Here are a few tips to keep your skin supple and glowing during these cold weather months!

Use weather-appropriate face products.

Cut out harsh skin care products, particularly if you are noticing extra dryness, flakiness, or redness on your face. Use a gentle cleanser and combine it with an equally gentle exfoliator a couple of times per week. Make sure that when you do exfoliate, that you have a light touch when scrubbing. The goal is just to slough off dead skin cells, not to completely strip your skin.  Follow up with a facial moisturizer that is richer than what you use during the summer. Remember that breakouts aren’t just the result of excess oil, they can also happen because your skin is too dry.

Moisturize from head to toe!

While thick oils and balms may not be the best moisturizers for your face, they can be terrific for places that get flaky like your hands, elbows, and heels.  Use lotion after you have towel dried, but when your skin is still a bit damp from your shower. It will help improve how much moisturizer your skin absorbs.  Apply lighter lotions on areas that are normally covered, and thicker ones on features that are exposed to the elements. Take special care with delicate areas like under your eyes and your cuticles.  For intense moisturizing, apply a thick layer of lotion on your hands and feet before you go to bed and cover them up with cotton gloves and socks.

Don’t overheat.

There’s nothing quite like a steaming hot shower on a frigid winter day. But that can actually make your itchy dry skin even worse. Aim for warm water temperatures, and don’t run outside right after getting out of the bath. You should also make sure your home is heated to a reasonable temperature and that you have a good balance of humidity. If you need to, purchase a humidifier.

Remember to hydrate.

All of these products won’t do any good if your body is dehydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid extra salty foods. The holidays can often mean dropping all of your good dietary habits, and that can have a profound effect on your skin.  Some people also find that eating healthy fats like avocado and coconut, along with foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, flaxseed, leafy greens) helps fight symptoms of dry skin.

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