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Your Pre-Wedding Bridal Beauty Routine

Check out our list of suggestions about when you should go to a spa for that chemical peel you’re dying to try, and when you should skip it.

6 Months Away from Wedding Date

Determine any skin care changes.

Periods of stress (even crazy-happy stress) can change our complexion type. Perhaps you’ve always been on the dry side, but now you find yourself with combination skin? Purchase products that are suited for your skin’s current needs. While it might seem silly that your bridal beauty routine begins so far from your wedding date, good skin care takes awhile to show off its rewards.

Start spa or beauty appointments now.

For facials and massages to have their maximum effect you need to go to more than just a couple of appointments. Schedule your spa and beauty appointments six months out from your wedding date. If you want to try any type of treatment that is more astringent on the skin (such as a chemical peel), make sure to experiment with them now, rather than too close to your wedding day.

Start considering hairstyles.

Decide if you want to start growing your hair out for a particular wedding day hairstyle, or whether you want to simply stay trimmed to your current length.

3 months

Experiment with self-tanners, scrubs, and new products.

If you plan on self-tanning for your wedding day or using new DIY scrubs, give yourself plenty of time to adjust. Try out unfamiliar regimens now, so that you can be an old pro by your wedding day.

Refine any skin care goals.

Over the last few months you will have tried a new routine to address any skin care concerns. Is that routine working the way you want it to? If it is, stick with it! If not, try a new strategy this month to clear up breakouts or get rid of redness. You want to have your skin in tip top shape within a month of your wedding.

30 Days

Nothing new.

It’s best to avoid new products, vitamins, and treatments at this point. If you suddenly break out from a new zinc supplement or have a reaction to an ingredient in a body lotion, it can take awhile to correct (particularly if you are stressed). Avoid this risk by sticking to beauty products that you know work well for you.

Perfect your wedding day hair and makeup.

Complete any last minute decisions about how you will style your bridal look. Make sure you have everything you need from accessories to enough foundation.

Focus on drinking plenty of water.

A beauty routine is about more than just sunscreens and lipstick. Your skin will look its best and you will feel your healthiest when you are well-hydrated.

7 Days

Hiatus on beauty appointments.

It’s time to stick with what your bridal beauty routine now (unless, of course, there has been some type of epic beauty emergency). Stay the course with your skin and hair care regimens. A massage would be fine, provided it is gentle and that the massage therapist is using products you have tried successfully before.

Practice your wedding day look.

Especially if you are styling your own hair and makeup, practice makes perfect. You’ll be so much less stressed on your wedding day if you can easily achieve your updo and bold lip without confusion.

Pack and organize.

Unless you are getting ready at home, now is the time to streamline what you will be taking with you to get ready. It’s a balance between bringing the essentials, but also being prepared for the unexpected. Make a checklist so that you won’t be plagued by that terrible ‘what did I forget’ feeling.

Get plenty of sleep.

Few things will make you look and feel your best quite like good sleep. In the week before your wedding, try to get a little extra sleep in addition to your required hours. You will most likely be very excited (and a little overwhelmed) by this point and extra zzz’s will help you boost your immune system and keep stress to a minimum.