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This Wedding Fashion Company is the H&M and Zara of Bridalwear

This Wedding Fashion Company is the H&M and Zara of Bridalwear



Fast fashion has changed the way we shop for our everyday clothes, so it was only a matter of time before the trend made its way into wedding fashion! Azazie is turning the bridal fashion industry on it’s head, and creating on-trend and affordable styles for brides and bridesmaids across the country.


There’s no doubt you’ve heard the term fast fashion to describe some of your favorite stores, and the trend has totally changed the way we shop for new clothes. It gives everyday consumers the opportunity to shop runway and high-fashion inspired designs for a fraction of the cost. It was only a matter of time before the trend made its way into wedding fashion! We teamed up with the marketing and design team at Azazie for more on why fast fashion works for weddings, and how to get in on the action!



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Fast fashion is by definition a way of optimizing a retailers’ supply chain for trends to be designed, manufactured, and sold quickly to consumers,’ says Azazie’s marketing manager Araceli Vizcaino-S. In other words, it’s a quick design cycle that gets new styles in front of customers in record time. Like ready-to-wear fast fashion favorites like H&M and Zara, wedding fashion brand Azazie follows the same tendencies and a similar cycle. ‘We design based on current, of-the-moment fashion trends,’ Vizcaino-S continues, but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice quality. ‘What we pride ourselves on is our design process; We invest heavily in our design and quality check process which ensures our dresses are well-constructed.’ At the end of the day, it’s a combination of good design and a focus on customer feedback that sets Azazie apart from other bridesmaid and bridal retailers.





According to Vizcaino-S, ‘Azazie’s design inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including runway shows, vintage gowns, red carpet events, and our lovely customers!’ A brand that takes customer feedback and requests into account when designing new wedding fashion styles? We’re all about it.




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So, why should you shop fast fashion for your wedding? The benefit of shopping from a fast fashion brand like Azazie is that the consumer gets (almost) instant gratification (yes, please)! ‘Our business model is set up so that the moment our designers get inspired or customers ask for a certain dress design or modification, our designers sketch, customers vote and provide feedback, and then the new style is available to customers within 2-3 months,’ Vizcaino-S explains.



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With new bridesmaid styles coming out every month and bridal gown designs being released twice a year, we have faith that you and your bridesmaids will find something you love at Azazie (and fast)!




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