10 Choker Necklaces Perfect for your Wedding Day and Beyond

10 Choker Necklaces Perfect for your Wedding Day and Beyond

Choker necklaces don’t have to be reserved for casual evenings out. Let’s elevate this trend to the bridal level, starting with these stunning wedding chokers.



Simply Gorgeous


It’s simple and understated, but somehow this wedding choker is the perfect finishing touch to this bridal look. It is easy to recreate with a simple satin ribbon, or ask your dress designer to use some spare fabric to make a matching necklace- it could be that straightforward!



Braid it


Take the braid trend one step further by added a braided necklace to your wedding accessories. It’s the perfect balance of edgy and polished, meaning that you will be able to continue wearing it while you’re on your honeymoon.



French Lace


Though undeniably a statement piece, this choker make of delicate French lace is anything but gaudy. It fits the bridal theme with ease and can easily transition into an everyday look.




Bring on the hardware with this flashy “collar,” an ideal addition to a simple dress and understated hair. Give that long neck some love with this attention-grabbing detail that might just steal the show.



Victorian Rose


Though it won’t be the first thing the groom will see, this delicate lace choker with pearl beads is the kind of accessory that everyone will notice once they get close.


Layered Just Right


Sometimes one just isn’t enough. When it looks this good, the only thing to do is pile it on. These layered choker necklaces look “golden.”



Soft Like Silk


Instead of hard metal against your skin, why not settle for the softest of silks? Tie this crepe back satin choker for a slightly undone but oh-so-elegant effect.



Traditional Beauty


If it’s some understated luxury you’re looking for, why not add some traditional embellishments like pearls to your wedding choker?





Channel your inner boho princess when you choose a bolo anchored on a choker. A stunning embellishment on a low cut dress, it presents the trend in a timeless way, just as bridal jewelry should.



Haute Couture


Even the haute couture designers have embraced choker necklaces. Here’s one by Chanel which also incorporates the wheat theme (which it’s 2017 collection is influenced by). Oh, and yes, those are real diamonds.