A Lovin’ Spoonful of “Upcycled” Jewelry

A Lovin’ Spoonful of “Upcycled” Jewelry

Jewelry ideas for the DIY bride.

Many jewelry artisans have turned to the art of upcycling items such as spoons and forks and setting stones in the blank spaces between their intricate designs. Check out websites such as Etsy or Artfire for handcrafted artisan jewelry made from old silverware if you don’t have the time to get creative!


Because their surfaces are already so ornately decorated, spoons, forks and knives have a beautiful background to play around with when adding stones, beads or other designs.


Are you a DIY bride? If you have a bunch of tarnished spoons, clean them off and use them as neat pendants for necklaces, curl and bend them into bracelets or create funky earrings from elegant spoon handles.


Photo Credit: Silverware jewelry