Back Necklaces that Flaunt your Backless Wedding Dress

Back Necklaces that Flaunt your Backless Wedding Dress

We wouldn’t be surprised if brides start choosing low back dress options simply as an excuse to flaunt these beautiful statement back necklaces.



Simplicity is Key


Give your open back just the right amount of bling with this delicate and simple gold necklace that hangs down your back. The elegance of this thin chain is just what a modern bride is looking for.



A Cascade


This cascading back necklace is a lovely piece of bridal jewelry that unites both gold and crystal elements. You’ll see a small flash as the crystal nestled in the middle of the chain arrangement in the back as well as a similar one resting gently at the base of your neck.



Custom Crafted


This custom beauty was a re-creation of a bride’s antique heirloom. She commissioned a local jeweler to design it according to her vision. The pearls give a vintage a classic feel to this otherwise modern creation that brings together the choker and this beautiful back piece that emphasized the deep back of the wedding gown.



Trend Setter


You’re the trendsetter among your friends, never playing by the rules, and just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean that’s about to change. Shock the crowd with this bold yet tasteful piece of back jewelry- a gold filigree mandala. Let your style flag fly high!



Small is Beautiful


The tiniest details are what make simple items pop, so let the timeless camellia shape on this back necklace bring your bridal look together. You’ll love the natural drape and comfort of this piece of wedding jewelry.



Something Blue


Looking for something blue for good luck? These blue glass beads on this back necklace is just the thing you need to complete this popular superstition.



Boho Chic


What better way to share your free-spirited nature than with bohemian accessories, like this leaf pendant necklace with a long back body chain? Time to let your wild side prevail!



Line of Sight


Droplet by droplet, the viewer’s gaze will slowly go down your back, following crystals used in this silver back pendant. It’s a small detail that ironically no one will miss.



A Back of Pearls


Does your open back wedding dress make you feel a little…naked? Fill in the gaps artistically with this pearl bead body chain that will cover your back in a luxurious way.


blue pendant necklace


Visa Versa


Finding a necklace to wear backwards is not always as easy as you think. With clasps mostly being in the back, when you turn them around, you’ll be faced with an awkward situation in the front. That’s why necklaces without clasps, like this beautiful example here, are the most versatile piece of jewelry you’ll ever own as you can easily wear them however you like!