Bridesmaid Clutches in 3 Styles: Modern, Preppy, and Retro Glam

Bridesmaid Clutches in 3 Styles: Modern, Preppy, and Retro Glam
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Complete your bridesmaids’ looks with one of these gifts that can be used again and again.


One of my very favorite gifts for bridesmaids is the handy-dandy clutch. It matches the dress, it fits the necessities like a phone and lip gloss, and if you select the right one, can be used again and again.  Here are 3 separate Etsy studios that all make some of our favorite clutches in modern, preppy, and retro-glam styles.  And as this month is all about the power of accessorizing, we think any of these clutches would perfectly complete your bridesmaids’ looks.
You will notice that some design elements remain the same throughout the styles. For example, ruching.  These loose pleats (for lack of a better definition) look stunning on a clutch and depending upon the fabric, color, and other details, can accompany any style.  The pale gray clutch above is an example of very loose ruching–it has a casual, but refined look. But the monochromatic palette and linen band makes it very modern.


Other elements, like leather, really only go well with certain styles.  This navy polka dot and leather wristlet clutch would be divine with a summery sundress, but look really out of place with a black mermaid gown.  These modern bags represent a laidback sensibility and a willingness to mix fibers, textures, and textiles.


Of course, modern knows how to dress up, whether in minimalist chic like this simple gray ruched clutch, or all-out with earth-toned metallic sequins (below).  This sequined bag would look equally fantastic whether it was paired with a cocktail dress or a chambray romper.


Now that it is summer, it seems like preppy weddings are in full swing!  And preps love nothing more than personalizing with a name or monogram.  They just do.  Maybe one too many shirts were stolen from them at summer camp, but I dare you to find a preppy wedding where the bride and groom haven’t put their initials on everything.  Extend the trend to your bridesmaids’ gifts, making each one unique to the gal.
Also super-preppy is the effortless charm of mixing key prints and colors. Embrace kicky florals and seashore-worthy madras plaid on your clutches, and mix them with solids in like palettes.


This last set of purses might make you give a happy little sigh.  They are pure retro glam, bringing to mind Grace Kelly, gin martinis, and dashing white tie.  This oversized bow clutch (below) is perfection for a traditional event, and will be used again for many special occasions to come.


This pale ivory pleated clutch (above) is understated, but highly sophisticated, partially due to it’s formal structure.  The silver ruched purse below has a more relaxed structure, but it’s soft silk fabric billows out to form a classic shape.


Old-school glam also embraces unique and decadent fabrics.  Even at the most formal event you can play with some elements of pattern or texture, such as with this black peacock brocade.



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Silver Bridal Linen Clutch


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Retro Style Polka Dot Clutch


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Color Block Vegan Clutch


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Silver Linen Clutch


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Amy Butler Alchemy Fabric Clutch


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Personalized Clutch


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Monogrammed Clutch


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Bow Clutch


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Light Ivory Silk Bridal Clutch


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Classic Black Peacock Clutch