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After seeing these bits of happy, you’ll want to wear these vivacious accessories even after your wedding day.


I’ve been in love with since a friend introduced me to their awesome hair accessories several years ago. A little bit sparkly, a tad bright, a skosh bold, these pins, clips, and headbands are all about the fun.  And although some of you may not be having a wedding modern enough to wear these bits of happy with your wedding dress, you could absolutely rock them at your bridal shower or bachelorette party.  As we prepare to end May, our month focused on accessorizing, sit back and enjoy this vivacious line of products!


One of the things does better than pretty much anyone else?  Bobby pins (or, as they call them ‘bobbi’ pins).  Available in a wide variety of colors from summer sherbet shades to bold gold, you can’t buy these pins at your local drugstore. Personally, I love the ‘statement’ bobby with its multi-colored arrangement of stones (above, right).  But if you think your MOH is pretty cool, they also have just the pin for her (above, left).’s signature accessory is their heart headband. They have two sizes, both equally adorable. The larger heart is perfect for updos, as it has such a fascinator quality.  The smaller one (below, right), as you can see, also does well with updos, but would also work with wearing your locks down.



Taylor Swift is a big fan of these headbands, and its easy to see why. Unabashedly girly-glam, these headbands shimmer and glow and sparkle in pretty much every color you would want.  Including black. And is there something pure magic about sparkly black?




Are headbands a little too rigid for your liking? also designs twist scarves that work as soft headbands or as a final touch to a darling ballerina bun.


And for those of you who just can’t get enough of their poms and sequined hearts, you can purchase individual pins that you can accessorize with to your heart’s content–from sweater sets to purses, your world can be totally covered in pops of color.


Isn’t this headband so much better than a bride-to-be sash for your bachelorette party?

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