Dainty Jewelry Picks For Your Boho-Inspired Nuptials

Dainty Jewelry Picks For Your Boho-Inspired Nuptials
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Sweet and subtle your preferred approach to style? We’re loving these dainty jewelry picks for boho-inspired weddings.


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Let your bohemian style shine and cross something blue off of your checklist with a stackable bracelet. This is an easy way to give your wedding a pop of color.

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Bridal Back Necklace


Complete your boho wedding look with a simple back necklace to show off to your friends and family as you walk down the aisle.

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Tiny Knot Ring


As a symbol of commitment, slip this ring on your manicured finger as you tie the knot with the one you love.

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Bohemian Wedding Hair Jewelry


Head jewelry is the perfect finishing touch for any bohemian-inspired bride.

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‘Drama’ Crystal Ear Crawler & Stud Earring


Make an elegant yet simple statement with mismatched earrings. Whether you wear your hair up or down, your earrings are guaranteed to stand out.

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Bella Leg Chain


Do you like the traditional wedding traditions, but aren’t a traditional bride? A leg chain garter is perfect for you to show off your personal style.

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Raindrops Anklet Set


Look flawless from head-to-toe at your bohemian beach wedding with ankle dainty jewelry.

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If you don’t want to wear any extra rings or bracelets, but still want glitz and glam, a hand chain is the pick for you.

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Silver Body Necklace


A body necklace is the perfect addition to any bridal gown. This over the shoulder sparkling chain is an accessory to either strapped or strapless dresses.

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Falling Stars Hair Chain Comb


A veil of gems and rhinestones falling from flowers tucked into your hair will have every head turning to look at you.