For the Makers: DIY Agate Necklace

You deserve to accessorize beautifully everyday, not just on the day. This gorgeous statement necklace might be just the ticket this winter. Feeling crafty yet? Dig in!

Agate comes from a polished geode so they’re all distinctive. This piece works equally well with a cozy sweater for staying in or a sleek sheath for going out. You could also use the neon yarn in place of the cord here for a shot of neon. We’ve been wearing ours pretty much everyday.

– needle
– pliers or strong hands
– super glue

– agate slice
– vintage chain
– gold shimmery cording

Gather your materials. We used the whole length of chain provided but if you’d like it shorter clip (or use pliers to open the links) to the length you’d like it.

Tie the cord to one end of the chain. Double knot it.

Thread your needle.

Start wrapping the cord around the links. You’ll come from underneath and through the first link wrap around each link twice.

The motion you’ll repeat is up, to the right and down. One wrap per link and then one wrap to connect the links.

When you are finished wrapping the cord this is what it will look like.

Open the last link and connect it to the first link. Need help opening and closing links? We’ve got the 411 on that here.

Now you’ve got a circle.

Cut a section of cord to use to tie the agate slice to the bottom of the necklace.

Fold the necklace in half to determine the exact middle and tie the agate to that link. Make a very secure double knot and add a dab of glue.

Trim the ends.


Thanks to our always fabulous friends, For the Makers, for sharing their lovely DIY projects with us!