For the Makers: DIY Crystal Cluster Earrings

For the Makers: DIY Crystal Cluster Earrings

Who doesn’t want a little more glamour in their life? Treat yourself to a new pair of earrings, made by none other than you!



Post earrings are back in a big way and now you can consider yourself stocked with classics. Make all three sets or mix and match a few components for a statement button earring. We’ve got you covered with an of-the-moment pear silhouette, faceted gold balls, and vintage studs in iridescent crystal.


If you use several stones to create a statement ear you can still use the rest of the post backs. Almost anything small and light can become a post earring.



– E6000 glue



– vintage iridescent crystals
– pear crystals in brass setting
– Czech glass faceted gold balls
– 4mm posts with butterfly catch


Gather your little components and the E-6000 glue. You may want to work over a paper or paper towel.


Hold the first post with the flat back up and add a small drop of glue to the cup.


With the first component face down place the post on top of it flat side down. Hold the post in place for a minute to let the glue set. The glue starts to set in about ten minutes and fully cures in 24-72 hours.


That’s it. It’s super simple. It’s the same process for each of the earrings. Allow the glue to dry completely, about 10 minutes, before wearing them.


Add the clutch backs.


Feel free to mix and match components. We’ve made posts with sequins as well as with a cluster of all three components. If you have extra post backs you can create additional earrings with anything that is small and light enough to glue to the post backs. In love? Can can purchase the kit right over here.


Happy sparkling! Thanks to our lovely friends at For the Makers!