For the Makers: DIY Vintage Statement Necklace

Simply put, this vintage stunner makes the outfit. Put a new twist on the traditional bridal look with a sparkling statement necklace. It will inject a bit of glamour and personality to your big day.

Here is the secret: start with several vintage necklaces to create this one. Vintage rhinestone necklaces are totally gorgeous and crazy inexpensive.  On their own they are way too short and a little underwhelming. Put a few together, add a little length, and you have something that looks like a few hundred dollars for way less. You can find rhinestone necklaces for as little as a few dollars on sites like eBay and searching flea markets on the weekend. We used two necklaces to create this one but you could layer as many as you’d like. Even if you’ve never made jewelry before, this is a DIY you can create in under 30 minutes.

– ribbon (about 2 to 3 yards)
– vintage rhinestone necklaces (try ebay, Etsy or your local thrift store)
– jewelry pliers/clippers
– 1 jump ring
– scissors
– clasp

How To:
Look for vintage rhinestone necklaces at flea markets, on sites on eBay or Etsy. They are easy to find and inexpensive- starting at only a few dollars.  If you’re looking for a particular color, shape or style ebay is great for narrowing down the options. Search combined terms like these to find the perfect vintage necklace online -vintage, rhinestone, faceted, crystal, graduated, knotted, glass, pearl, necklace, choker, rhodium, goldtone, plated, and signed.

Once you have the sparkly necklaces covered, look for a ribbon that compliments them. It should be thin enough to wrap in between the crystal on the necklace. This is a great place to add a little something blue.

Wrap the ribbon around both necklaces, working toward the back as you go. Knot it in between the last two crystals.

Repeat this wrapping on the other side of the necklace. If your necklaces are slightly uneven in length like ours, make sure to measure from the center, rather than the end, so that the place where the wrapped ribbon begins is even when you’re wearing it.

Add the clasp by threading the clasp component onto one side of the ribbon and a jump ring onto the other ribbon. Hold it up to your neckline to make sure it’s the perfect length.

Knot the ribbon and trim the ends.

If you’d like to forgo the clasp all together, a pretty bow works as well!

Thanks to our friends For the Makers! Happy DIYing!