For the Makers: Perfectly Simple DIY Earrings

There is something wonderful about simple style. These earrings will look equally stunning with your wedding-planning-extraordinaire-jeans and t-shirt or a sleek dress for your rehearsal dinner!

Our new go-to earring. The mix of hematite and raw brass here is earthy but refined. These post earrings will go from surfing the Rockaways to brunch on the lower east side with ease. They’re great for mixing with multiple studs if you have more than one piercing but interesting enough to stand alone.

– super glue

– brass bezels
– gold posts with butterfly catch
– cabochon in lava

Gather your materials. You’ll just need the super glue, brass bezels, and the gold posts with butterfly backs.

Use the glue packaging to pierce the cover of the glue and screw on the tip.

With the bezel on a flat surface add a tiny drop of glue to the interior. You don’t need very much.

Set the cabochon gently into the center of the bezel. Repeat with the second bezel and cabochon. The glue dries fast so you may want to glue and set the first earring before you move onto the second one.

Add a small dab of glue to the center of the post pad.

Flip the bezel over so it’s facedown and place the pad onto the center of the bezel. Set down to dry. Repeat with the second post.

Let is dry for a bit. Slide the butterfly backs onto the post to secure.

You’re all set. We love them just as they are, with a super simple dress or crisp white t-shirt.

Thanks to For the Makers for always sharing beautiful things! Happy DIYing!