For the Makers: Sequin Bracelet

Isn’t it amazing what a fun, little bracelet can do? We swear it brightens our day! This little number would be a lovely gift for your girls or a fun project to take a break from the planning!

We’re combining a few of our favorite inspirations into a serious peach stunner here: stacks of african trade bracelets, vintage sequin dancing dresses, and hints of iridescent shimmer. Of course, we can’t have enough sequin action so we used a mix of opaque and translucent sequins. Slip this on and channel your inner mermaid.

– needle
– scissors

– flat sequins in guava and flax
– elastic cord
– iridescent stones in rondelles

Gather your materials and grab a pair of scissors.

Thread the elastic through the eye of your needle.

Hold a small stack of sequins in your fingers and thread the needle through them all in one go. Pull the sequins toward the end of the elastic.

Repeat with the translucent flax sequins.

Mix up the sequin colors, adding sections of each color as you go.

Add the rondelles as you go.

We spaced the rondelles equidistantly but you could just as easily place them in a row or at random.

Remove the needle from the elastic once you’ve added all the sequins and rondelles. Use your wrist to make sure it’s the right fit.

Bring the ends of the elastic together to form a circle. Triple knot the elastic.

Snip the elastic closely.

That’s it! We paired ours with mix of vintage brass bangles.

Thanks for making our day a little more beautiful, For the Makers! They’re so wonderful that they sell this very kit for your DIYing pleasure!