Heirloom Pieces for Your Special Day

How to incorporate antique pieces into your wedding day look.

With the rise in heirloom and antique jewelry, many brides and bridesmaids have been flocking to pages to try and find unique pieces to complement their gowns. With lockets, pearls, and beads making a triumphant comeback onto the jewelry scene, these pieces are not only beautiful, but if using something from a family member, also deeply meaningful.

Do you already have something sentimental you want to incorporate into your look, but can’t figure out how? Much like inheriting your mother’s wedding dress, some things just need a few modern alterations.

I love the use of the watch in the image above. The bride is able to connect with her family’s history, without it being obtrusive to her gown or ceremony. Have a beaded necklace from your grandmother? Go to a jewelry or bead store and come up with ways to redesign it using the same stones. I often go through Etsy sites simply for ideas on how to reinvent what I already have.

If you don’t have any antique pieces, many sites have heirloom-inspired jewelry, such as Blue Nile, Schwa Designs, and Jennifer Kaufman.

Photo: Heather Bayles Photography