Jewelry That Tells a Story

Grab everyone’s attention with these beautiful, eco-friendly ideas.

1. Recycled Glass Earrings with Vintage Ice Blue– This gorgeous pair of earrings is sure to capture anyone’s attention, and made with all green intentions in mind. The recycled silver tone cage holds a few nuggets of beautiful vintage ice blue from Mason jars reclaimed from wooded environments, so you’re literally wearing a part of American history. The cage surrounding the glass is silver plated recycled steel that gives the earring unique detailing. The ear wires are sterling as well.

2. Recycled Glass Necklace with White Milk Glass– Who said going green meant losing your stylish edge? With this one of a kind necklace, you and your bridesmaids are sure to look elegant, especially as the petite silver tone cage jingles with a few nuggets of antique creamy white milk glass from vintage Pond’s Cold Cream jars reclaimed from wooded habitats. It’s a light and airy way to be eco-friendly that you can wear casually or even for a big elegant affair!

3. Recycled Glass Ring with Ruby- Make a daring and fun statement with this pop of color. This amazing eco-friendly ring is created from the antique glass reclaimed throughout the wooded habitats in the Pennsylvania Amish Country. This unique ruby color is made solely from vintage 1940’s beer bottles. The glass is hand cut and fired producing tons of beautiful seed bubbles in the glass, which is then mounted on a sterling plated platinum ring. The silver back reflects the light through the pretty transparent glass giving the look of a constant glow that is sure to capture anyone’s attention!

About the author:

GBG’s CEO, Kate L. Harrison, has a JD in Environmental Law and a Master’s from Yale in Environmental Policy. She planned her own green wedding in 2007 and wrote the best selling green wedding book The Green Bride Guide: How to Plan an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget. In 2009, she founded to help couples use their weddings to promote social and environmental change while supporting the local green economy.