Lovely Vintage Accessories for Rent–Gallery Spotlight

Each week we focus on one spectacular gallery from our Ideas section. We hope that these galleries inspire you in creating your own unique wedding vision. This week’s selection comes from Found Vintage Rentals.

Sometimes I look at vintage weddings and just have to sit back and admire all of the stuff.  From the countless accessories to pretty furniture, a vintage wedding is such an event of huge proportions from a decor perspective.  You can find a lot of these things on Etsy or at flea markets, but that’s a lot of shopping and you’ve got a wedding to plan. Rentals are a great way to get the impeccable you want, often at a lower price and in a more time-efficient way.

Unique furniture is one of the hallmarks of a truly vintage theme. Matchy-matchy tables and chairs need not apply. I love weddings that use long, family-style tables and pair them with a selection of random antiqued chairs (above, right).

Before you started planning your wedding, you probably didn’t realize just how many accessories and knick-knacks it takes to pull off a vintage tablescape. A specialized rental company will be able to provide you with a wide variety of accents, from wooden drawers to leather suitcases (above).  A vintage wedding can also require a shocking number of votives, jars, and vases. Renting these will not only give you a great vintage look, but also save you the hassle of transporting all of that glass on your own!

If you want to take your wedding to another level, look for extra excuses beyond the standard to incorporate vintage elements.  Of course, you could organize your place cards on a table, but why not use an antique wine rack?  Stack plates on a separate shelf than your buffet tables so that you can also add floral touches throughout.  If you are using a lot of vintage fabrics you can also line the shelves with them to help emphasize your decor.