Something Old, Something New Tradition

Something Old, Something New Tradition

Learn more about the significance of this wedding tradition.

The Victorian tradition linked to the phrase ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ is undoubtedly the most popular wedding tradition in the U.S. Whether you are a bride looking for your own items, or a bridesmaid preparing them for your friend, here is a brief definition of the significance of each part.


‘Something old’ represents the connection the bride has to her family ancestry, particularly her closest female relatives. It is where the bride is coming from.


‘Something new’ is likewise where the bride is headed with her husband and new life.  This item signifies the success they will have together, and is a token of good luck.


‘Something borrowed’ is a piece that either has heavy sentimental meaning or from someone very close to the bride, as it represents the willingness of friends and family to help the new couple if they should need it.  The strictest interpretation of this is that the item must be borrowed from a female friend or relative who is happily married, preferably something she wore in her own wedding.


‘Something blue’ is a far older symbol than this superstition, as in Roman times blue was the color of fidelity, love and purity.


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