Sparkle with Adorn!

We see it every year on the red carpet during the awards season: stars dripping in jewels borrowed from fine jewelers.  And now you can be just as glamorous on your wedding day, without spending a fortune! 

While you may not have Neil Lane on speed dial, you do have Adorn. They are this great jewelry rental company that are all about you having the diamonds of your dreams at your main event.

While it is completely justifiable to spend some moolah on your wedding ring (it is, after all, a piece of jewelry you will be wearing for a lifetime), it’s harder to spend on other diamond jewelry that you know you will only wear for special occasions. With Adorn, you don’t have to choose. Diamond chandelier earrings? Check. Pearl and diamond necklace? Double check. And all for a reasonable rental fee.

You can start by browsing Adorn for jewelry that you love. Can’t decide?  They even have specialists that will help you select just the right pieces to accessorize your dress.

And one of the best features is their jewelry insurance. Now you can be sparkly and worry-free at your wedding!

Go to to begin finding your dream jewelry look. Adorn is offering a rare promotion to our readers, for 20% off simply enter promo code: MyWedding20.