The Best New Bridal Accessories

The Best New Bridal Accessories

Bridal accessories, just like wedding dresses, have trends that show up and just seem to take over the bridal fashion scene. Here are 10 bridal accessory trends that you will be seeing more of in the next few seasons, so get them while they’re still fresh!



Head Chain


This delicate adornment brings a sense of exotic glamour to the bridal look. Somewhat bohemian and a little vintage, it’s a gorgeous bridal accessory that definitely makes a statement.



Floral “Pop”


A trend making waves at this year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week was the 3D flower look. From silk flowers sewn directly onto the dresses or accessories with a floral accent, it’s time to adorn yourself with white blooms- and a sash is a great place to start.


Shoulder Necklace


With more and more high necklines and sleeved dresses on the runways, it almost seems like strapless dresses have a “naked” look. If that’s how you feel, or you’re just looking for a way to make your bridal look unique, consider a shoulder necklace or chain- the effect is amazing.





Don’t really know how to cover your shoulders for the ceremony? Well, the best bridal accessories we saw during fashion week for this very issue were full-length capes. Kind of cross between a princess and Superwoman, the cape will surely be the hero of the bridal outfit.



Soft Cuff


Instead of getting just another delicate bracelet, why not get a statement piece that will concurrently be extremely comfortable and easy to wear? Almost like floral corsage, let a delicately beaded wide ribbon bring attention to your beautiful hands.





You’ll see sashes and belts at a bridal studio, but will you find such a gorgeous and bohemian tassel sash? This bridal accessory can add some detail to an otherwise plain dress without it resembling a belly-dancing belt.



Bridal Cap


Traditional veils will never disappear from the bridal accessory scene, however, there are other alternatives that we’ve seen on the runways, such as the bridal cap. This vintage look has had a revival and is an easy, breezy, and pretty way to complete the bride’s look on the wedding day.





If a long cape isn’t quite your thing but you don’t want to ruin your outfit with a cardigan, a fun capelet might be the thing for you. Designers have been using this bridal accessory to tie together their creations, and they range from plain tulle to ornately decorated.



The Right Shoes


An especially important accessory, especially if you are contemplating an tea length or short gown, is the pair of shoes that you choose. Options range from strappy stilettos to nude flats, but this elaborate creation brings together all sorts of beautiful themes.



Statement Maker


If you are ready to walk down that aisle as if it were your personal runway, you’ll need to bring on the trends. Look no further than an ornate head cap, it will ensure that all the attention is where it should be- on you!