Vintage-Inspired Wedding Jewelry

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Jewelry
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From romantic, traditional vintage to Art Deco we have a lineup of all things sparkly for you to wear!



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Bridal Flower Comb


Your vintage wedding is going to be pretty darn fabulous. You’ve picked out every detail with meticulous precision. But now it’s time to find just-the-right accessories to accompany that gorgeous dress currently residing under lock and key in your closet. You want accessories that feel ‘old’ but you don’t want to have to comb through countless estate sales and antique stores to find them.

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Wedding Hair Comb


First up is hair accessories, especially if you are having a simpler vintage affair, stick to primarily golden accents like the comb above. Tucked in a classic bun, this gives a lovely accent against a lace gown. Below, for a slightly more luxe vintage feel free to rock the crystals in spades. This hair clip features a floral pattern and is a beautiful veil alternative.

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That's The Ticket Statement Necklace


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'Imperial Tile' linear drop earrings


Next, let’s discuss Art Deco. This trend has absolutely exploded this year. And why not? It’s the perfect blend of vintage and all-out glamour. For these weddings wear a statement necklace, or showstopping drop earrings with your sheath wedding dress. Especially if your dress has any type of ornate pattern or beading, you will want to keep to one piece of statement jewelry.

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Pearl Statement Necklace


For vintage weddings that embrace a shabby chic vibe, this multi-string bib necklace is to die for. With its varying lengths, metals, and stones, it is the embodiment of all things fun and girly. Pair it with a strapless sweetheart necklace (as shown above) to maximize the effect.

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Diamond Vintage Earrings


For a classic vintage wedding, look for muted colors, antique cuts, and nostalgic design. These cluster and teardrop earrings (above) are understated, but lovely. Neither of them would distract from other accessories, so wear them with an equally demure necklace or bracelet.

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Cameo Ring


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Stone Ring


If you love cocktail rings, there is no reason you shouldn’t wear one on your right hand. This cameo ring (above, left) is best suited for a boho vintage wedding with a more casual cotton wedding dress. And this shut-the-front-door jeweled ring (above, right) would go well with both 1920s sheaths or vintage ballgowns in blush.