Wedding Planning: To Veil or Not to Veil

How will you accessorize your wedding dress?

A few weeks ago we sat down (I like to think it was over a cup of coffee as opposed to an internet connection, probably in a cozy shop and with a stack of wedding magazines on the table) and chatted about finding the perfect wedding dress for you. We talked about fabrics, shapes, trying things you might not have expected to like…but we did miss one little part of the process: the veil.

Now, I happen to think that accessories (which are, really, another conversation entirely) are optional when it comes to weddings: the dress alone makes a statement. But I’m also a huge fan of piled pearl necklaces and chandelier earrings. However, on your wedding day, the veil is an accessorizing league of its own with all sorts of different options. You can go with a birdcage or a chapel-length or something with beading, and then you’ve got blushers and lace and…the girl who is convinced she doesn’t want a veil at all.

Which was me, actually.

And then someone plopped one on my head (okay, it was a little more delicate of a process than that) and about a half a second later I was hooked. Thank goodness for that bridal shop sales associate.

It is my understanding that, like everything else in wedding planning, choosing your veil is a decision that is made based off of a whole bundle of other decisions: your wedding style, your venue, your dress, your hair…

So which type of veil (Or not veil. Or crown of flowers. Or tiara.) is for you? Are you sporting a pixie cut and a birdcage? If you are, there’s a very good chance I’m envious of your bone structure. Or are you a chapel-length lady with a fantastic train on your gown – and possibly getting married in a gorgeous cathedral? Do you prefer lace or tulle? A raw edge or beading?

In any case, I’d love to see it. Because there’s something so very bride-like about a veil. It ended up being one of my favorite parts of our wedding photos – we had on outdoor wedding and the wind ended up cooperating almost perfectly, leaving the veil to billow in exactly the right direction…sigh. If only it was socially acceptable to wear veils on a daily basis. Like to coffee shops where you chat about satin dresses with your friend.

For now, I think I’ll head over to my wedding photo album and do some reminiscing. Or wish my cheekbones were more suited to wearing a birdcage.

Photo Credit: Sloan Photographers