18 Captivating Art Deco Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

18 Captivating Art Deco Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings
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Art deco isn’t just a style of architecture popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Art Deco movement extended into  jewelry design in the 1920s and 30s, characterized by geometric patterns, abstract elements, and contrasting colors. Much like TV reboots, what’s old is new again in the world of engagement rings. Art Deco engagement ring styles are everywhere, being designed by the likes of jeweler to the stars Neil Lane, and available at mainstream retailers like Blue Nile


You may hear the style referred to as vintage Art Deco, because technically, a piece of jewelry would have to be 20 to 30 years old to be considered vintage, and obviously, Art Deco qualifies. Our roundup features baubles inspired by the art deco style, but aren’t actually vintage pieces that belonged to someone else (you’ll have to raid grandma’s jewelry box to unearth those!). The rings here embody both Art Deco qualities, like careful attention to symmetry and the use of unconventional shapes like triangles, as well as the vintage elements that are so popular today, such as milgrain detailing and rose gold. Look for modern touches as well, such as the use of emerald gemstones or pearls in place of a diamond


All in all, get ready to be wowed by these Art Deco engagement rings, and ahem, don’t be afraid to send your man some links for his consideration!



The 18 Most Captivating Art Deco Engagement Rings



Shopping for an Art Deco Engagement Ring



You may not even know you like Art Deco-style jewelry until you see it. For instance, say you tend to be drawn to engagement rings with symmetrical elements and contrasting metals. Well, those are Art Deco! We kindly suggest that you keep an open mind and keep scrolling. You may realize an Art Deco engagement ring is what you’ve been admiring all along. Many of these 1920s-style rings are also ideal for anyone who is looking for a unique bauble to wear for, well, life. You certainly won’t get bored of gazing at any of these eye, and mind, pleasing rings.



Art Deco Engagement Ring Shopping Consideration



Shop rings that range in price from $870 to $11,000, with a variety of price points in between.




Browse Art Deco-inspired rings that feature rose, white, and yellow gold, as well as platinum, diamonds, opal, aquamarine, sapphire and more!




The pieces featured here blend today’s engagement ring trends, like swapping a diamond for an opal, sapphire or another gemstone with artistic elements characteristic of the Art Deco era, such as clean lines, geometric shapes, contrasting colors. The result is a plethora of rings you will be praying your significant other buys ASAP.



Other Considerations:

Note that one ring price is for the setting only.




1 of 18 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Rose Gold Style

Truly Zac Posen Diamond Engagement Ring


Vintage charm and symmetrically-pleasing elements combine to create this gorgeous ring, which we must say, has quite a regal feel to it. Your majesty.

1 carat diamonds
14k rose gold

2 of 18 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Oval Style

Auriya Vintage Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring


A glittering halo of round diamonds surround an enviably-large oval diamond, flanked by baguette-cut stones that lend this ring an Art Deco vibe.

1-1/4 carat diamonds
14k white, rose or yellow gold

3 of 18 Image Credits: Kay Jewelers

Best Marquise-Cut Style

Diamond Engagement Ring


We fell in love with this unique (and super sparkly!) marquise-cut diamond engagement ring that also features dainty curved frames on the band.

1/3 carat diamond
10k white gold

4 of 18 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Affordable Style

Miadora Diamond Square Shape Art Deco Ring


You can still rock an Art Deco-inspired engagement ring on a budget. Behold this wallet-friendly, square-shaped ring that features a geometric design which truly sets it apart - in the best way possible.

1/7 carat diamond
10k white gold

5 of 18 Image Credits: Macy's

Best White Gold Style

Diamond Oval Starburst Cluster Ring


We were impressed by the artistic, geometric halo design of this starburst cluster ring. Especially the unique, round and baguette-cut diamonds set in an oval shape that give the piece an Art Deco feel.

1/2 carat diamond
14k white gold

6 of 18 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Round Solitaire

Desire My Diamonds Vintage Art Deco Bezel Set Engagement Ring


If it’s a simple, clean look you desire, meet the luxe, bezel set diamond solitaire set in platinum that is sure to satisfy your eyes, and heart. We love the high setting, which features geometric cut-outs.

1.03 carat diamonds

7 of 18 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Splurge Style

Blue Nile Studio Vintage Fleur de Lis Halo


For the girl who wants more (and don’t we all?), consider this head-turning bauble, which features a diamond halo surrounding a jaw-dropping round diamond, with fleur de lis side detailing and milgrain, and set in, you guessed it, platinum

1.1 carat diamonds

8 of 18 Image Credits: Kay Jewelers

Best Diamond Setting

Neil Lane Diamond and White Gold Ring Setting


Choose your diamond to sit atop this Art Deco-inspired ring setting that features geometric shapes and milgrain detailing. Oh, and bonus, it's designed by the one and only Neil Lane!

5/8 carat diamond
14k white gold

9 of 18 Image Credits: Zales

Best Gemstone Style

Enchanted Disney Elsa Oval Aquamarine and Diamond Art Deco Ring


Disney magic and Art Deco design combine to create this enchanted engagement ring featuring an Elsa-blue aquamarine, oval-cut stone set in two-tone gold. Don’t let this ring go!

1/6 carat diamond
10k two-tone gold

10 of 18 Image Credits: Macy's

Best Pear-Shaped Style

Macy’s Two-Tone Teardrop Cluster Ring


Pleasing symmetry and contrasting rose and white gold will make you fall in love with this pear-shaped ring. Plus, diamonds!

1/2 carat diamond
14k white and rose gold

11 of 18 Image Credits: Macy's

Best Designer Style

Marchesa Diamond Floral Engagement Ring


Indulge in a designer engagement ring. This Marchesa design features a unique, geometric, floral-inspired setting with a round diamond and milgrain, set in luxurious 18-karat white gold.

1 carat diamond
18k white gold

12 of 18 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Princess-Cut Style

Multi-Diamond Engagement Ring


Eye-catching geometric shapes and sparkle converge to create this Art Deco-inspired gem (wink, wink) of an engagement ring.

1/2 carat diamonds
10k white gold

13 of 18 Image Credits: Kay Jewelers

Most Unique Style

Neil Lane Diamond Engagement Ring


We stopped in our tracks when we came across this unique, Neil-Lane designed ring. Feast your eyes on the scalloped frame detailed with milgrain, which surrounds a sparkling oval diamond, and is dotted by four, bezel set princess-cut diamonds. Told you so!

1-1/8 carat diamonds
14k white gold

14 of 18 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Morganite Style

Baguette Diamond Halo Ring


We really heart this morganite ring that exudes vintage charm (rose gold!), and features art deco-inspired artistic elements like alternating round and baguette-cut diamonds encircling a pretty, pink stone.

5 mm morganite
0.3 carat diamonds
14k rose gold

15 of 18 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Opal Style

EFFY Opal, Diamond and Rose Gold Ring


Consider this opal find that features a round diamond halo, flanked by baguette-cut sparklers, and is set in rose gold. Because, fact, charming and symmetrical is a winning combo.

9 x 7 mm opal
3/8 carat diamond
14k rose gold

16 of 18 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Sapphire Style

Annello by Kobelli Diamond Art Deco Ring


This art deco-inspired ring design boasts triangular shapes, baguette and round-cut diamonds, and milgrain. A round sapphire appears to almost dance atop the enchanting setting.

1/2 carat diamonds
14k white gold

17 of 18 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Double Halo Style

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring


If you don’t snatch up this mesmerizing ring featuring a double halo of diamonds that are micro and burnish set around a round stone, um yeah, we will!

0.9 carat diamond

18 of 18 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Emerald-Cut Style

Heirloom Petite Milgrain Engagement Ring


We were hypnotized by the beautiful symmetry and sparkle of this dainty, emerald-cut diamond ring with milgrain.

1 carat diamond
14k white gold