15 Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings You’ll Be Begging For

15 Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings You’ll Be Begging For
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You don’t have to be born in September to love the blue sapphire. This deep blue gemstone is a favorite of royal trend-setter Kate Middleton and her brother James, who proposed to his fiancée with a sapphire engagement ring. The stone with royal ties was once thought to possess holy powers and even make the sky blue. The sapphire is also a symbol of hope, faith, and strength, making it a perfect stone for anyone preparing to walk down the aisle and make a lifelong commitment. If you are begging for a blue sapphire bauble for your left ring finger, you’ll be thrilled to learn the gem is more popular than ever when it comes to engagement jewelry. Nearly any shape or style is available in blue sapphire, from cushion and pear-cut, to vintage-style and art deco-inspired. Read on to discover the wide range of rings from which to choose if it’s simply got to be the stone that many believe balances and calms the heart and soul.



The 15 Beg-Worthy Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings



How to Shop for a Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring



If you can dream it, it exists. Whether you are hoping he’ll get down on one knee with a solitaire, halo ring, or three-stone bauble, there’s a blue sapphire engagement ring out there that will fulfill your every fantasy. Not sure what will suit you, other than the mesmerizing blue hue? Scroll through our picks of the best blue sapphire bands available, and get a sense of what cuts and styles get your heart beating faster. We’ll say it again: The assortment is truly as broad as your imagination. From diamond-accented bands to unique settings, and from on-trend, simple, modern shapes, to rings that literally look like they belong in a royal museum, there is a deep blue something out there for every bride-to-be.



Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Inspiration



We love how blue sapphires can be budget friendly. You’ll find rings on our roundup starting at just $180. We couldn’t help but also include a breathtaking splurge ring for $34,500. All other rings ring up for between $1,000 and $8,000.




You may be wondering if all blue sapphire stones are created equal? Classic blue sapphire is a deep hue akin to navy. But some gems sparkle with a more subtle, paler blue, so see what appeals to you as you scroll through the picks. As far as the accent stones, blue sapphire dazzles against white diamonds, and set in white gold. But some picks afford you the option of selecting yellow or rose gold as well, which will really give your ring a special touch.




Modern, vintage, simple, ornate. It’s all here, and we can’t wait to show you every detail of these simply stunning blue sapphire rings.



Other Considerations:

Note that some blue sapphire is lab-created, while other stones are naturally-occuring.




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Best Cushion-Cut Ring

Auriya 1-Carat Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Band


Classic, elegant and simple (in the best way possible!), this cushion-cut blue sapphire ring is encircled with a white diamond halo that truly sparkles. We love how the glittering diamonds spill down onto shank of the white gold band. Incidentally, this style is also available in rose or yellow gold, so be sure to preview those looks before making your final decision.

Sapphire 1 carat
14k white, rose or yellow gold
Diamonds 0.5 carat

2 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Oval Ring

Shades of Love Sapphire and Diamond Band


Oval is a very popular shape for blue sapphire engagement rings. What sets this style apart are the two baguette-cut side stones that flank the oval gem, and diamond halo. The overall look of the Helzberg Diamonds-designed ring can best be described as timeless and royal-inspired. One reviewer gushed about how deep and lovely the stone color is and called the ring “gorgeous.” Enough said!

7 x 5 mm stone
14k white gold
Diamonds 1/8 carat

3 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Halo Ring

Oval Sapphire Micropavé Band


Here is another oval-cut blue sapphire ring, but this one features not one, but two sparkly diamond halos. We are finding it difficult to tear our eyes away from how pretty the contrast of the deep, blue sapphire looks set against the round-cut diamond halo and band. Did we mention the blue sapphire is a sizeable stone? There’s not much not to love about this ring!

9 x 7 mm stone
18k white gold
Diamonds 0.48 carat

4 of 15 Image Credits: Zales

Favorite Affordable Ring

Blue and White Sapphire Scallop Frame Engagement Band


A vintage-inspired blue sapphire engagement ring for less than $250? Believe it! We chose this budget-friendly bauble for its big, oval stone, unique design, and delicate details, like white sapphire and milgrain, and a feminine twisted band. Here’s hoping you have just met the engagement ring of your dreams.

8 x 6 mm stone
Sterling silver

5 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best White Gold Ring

Helzberg Limited Edition Sapphire and Diamond Band


When we saw this unique ring, we stopped in our tracks! Sure, we look at a lot of rings, but this one truly stands out. Behold the baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds that create a visually-stunning halo around the oval-cut gem. Not that this is a reason to fall in love with this ring, but your friends aren’t going to be able to stop staring at your left ring finger once you say “yes!”

8 x 6 mm stone
14k white gold
Diamonds 1/2 carat

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Best Round Ring

Auriya Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Band


A traditional round-cut stone is a timeless choice you will never tire of wearing. This blue sapphire engagement ring is nothing if not classic, but it’s also dazzling, and eye-catching, and all that good stuff. Just look at the large, deep blue stone set against white diamonds. Wow! Note that this ring comes in rose, white, or yellow gold, and in our view, all three would make stunning choices.

Sapphire 3/4 carat
14k rose, white or yellow gold
Diamonds 3/4 carat

7 of 15 Image Credits: Neiman Marcus

Best Splurge Ring

Alexander Laut Blue Sapphire Cushion Style


Behold the beautiful and aspirational light blue sapphire ring that gets our pick for the best splurge style. A whopping, nearly 13-carat, cushion-cut sapphire is the star here. Almost 1 carat of sparkly diamonds are supporting players. The setting is 18-karat white gold, and the overall look is opulent, indulgent, and enviable. If you are lucky enough to sport this ring one day, um, can we try it on?

Sapphire 12.79 carats
18k white gold
Diamonds 0.97 carat

8 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Diamond Ring

Oval Sapphire With Halo


Calling all fans of Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring. This Blue Nile style is pretty much as close as you can get to copying the Duchess of Cambridge’s bling. A large oval blue sapphire is encircled with nearly a carat of diamonds and set in 18-karat gold. Sorry, but a castle is not included with purchase.

8 x 6 mm stone
18k white gold
Diamonds 0.8 carats

9 of 15 Image Credits: Zales

Best Vintage-Style Ring

Blue Sapphire and Petals Engagement Band


If you’re like us and totally loving the vintage-inspired jewelry trend, you may have met your match with this vintage-style engagement ring. A round sapphire sparkles regally surrounded by unique milgrain and floral-inspired detailing. Pair the band with a dainty white sapphire or diamond wedding band, and your hand is going to be all kinds of happy.

7 mm stone
10k white gold
Diamonds 1/6 carat

10 of 15 Image Credits: Zales

Best Marquise-Cut Ring

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Band


Three marquise-cut blue sapphires are better than one! We are truly impressed by the unique design of this eye-catching ring. The center stone is oriented vertically, while the side stones are set horizontally. Round diamonds surround the sapphires, and the resulting look is unforgettable, or as one reviewer simply put it, “absolutely gorgeous.”

4 x 8 mm stone
14k white gold
Diamonds 1/2 carat

11 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Pear-Cut Ring

Passion Lab Grown Sapphire and White Gold Band


Because it’s lab-created sapphire, you can own a giant, luxe-looking, pear-shaped blue sapphire engagement ring for less than $1,000. Incidentally, pear shape is very on trend right now. Oh, and your ring will feature the equivalent of over 1 carat of lab-grown white diamonds. So yeah, you win!

12 x 8 mm stone
14k white gold
Lab-grown diamonds 1-1/3 carats

12 of 15 Image Credits: Zales

Best Emerald-Cut Ring

Blue and White Sapphire Diamond Frame Engagement Band


Imagining emerald cut? We chose this ring as the best in the category because of the unique, pear-shaped white sapphires that flank the geometric-shaped blue sapphire. A pavé-set diamond band is the finishing touch on a ring that truly stands out for its delicate details.

6 x 5 mm stone
14k white gold
Diamonds 1/6 carat

13 of 15 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Three-Stone Ring

Isola Sapphire and Diamond Halo


What’s better than one blue sapphire? Try three! We love this three-stone ring, well, times three. Especially since each round stone boasts its own halo of diamonds. We’re picturing a diamond eternity wedding band to complement the stunning ring that reviewers praise for its value and beauty.

8 mm center stone
2.75 mm side stones
14k white gold
Diamonds 0.3 carat

14 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Most Unique Ring

Shades of Love Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Band


If only a one-of-a-kind look will do, consider this blue sapphire bauble that features an octagonal-shaped center stone, a twisted band, and unique diamond accents. We mentioned we look at a lot of engagement rings, and we can promise this style is really something special.

7 x 5 mm stone
14k white gold
Diamonds 1/4 carat

15 of 15 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Art Deco-Style Ring

Lab Created Sapphire and Sterling Silver Band


Calling art deco aficionados! Meet a ring that truly embodies the period with its octagonal center stone. A unique, symmetrical, eye-catching design features alternating layers of blue and white sapphire. Oh, and the price is so very nice for a ring people will most certainly look twice at.

6 x 4 mm center stone
Sterling silver