17 Mesmerizing Emerald Engagement Rings to Symbolize Your Love

17 Mesmerizing Emerald Engagement Rings to Symbolize Your Love
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While diamond engagement rings aren’t going anywhere, more couples are turning to non-traditional stones like pearl, sapphire, and emerald when it comes to saying “yes!” Jewelry designer to the stars Neil Lane told MyWedding, “Colored diamonds and gemstones were once an avant-garde choice.” But he adds their popularity has heightened of late.

Meanwhile, Yahelis Orozco, Wedding and Events Planner at Conrad Cartagena, talked to MyWedding about emerald engagement rings specifically saying, “In Cartagena we’ve noticed couples straying from the classic diamond engagement ring to opt for more unique rings that feature emeralds, which are actually harder to find than diamonds.” The vibrant green color and clarity are trademarks of Colombian emeralds. Emeralds in general are thought to be symbols of love and truth, which makes the dazzling stone the perfect pick for an engagement ring. Read on to see all the latest and most covet-worthy emerald engagement ring designs. We are pretty sure you’ll start thinking green when it comes time to select the most exciting piece of jewelry of your lifetime.



The 17 Most Enchanting Emerald Engagement Rings



Shopping for an Emerald Engagement Ring



You aren’t limited to a certain style if you love the look of an emerald engagement ring. Literally any design you can dream of exists. From vintage-inspired baubles set in rose gold, to rings that feature classic, clean lines and white gold, we were delighted to see how many different options abound. Pear-shaped, round, oval, two-tone, yellow gold; it’s all just a scroll away. You’ll even come across emerald rings set in honey gold, accented with black diamonds and inspired by Gatsby-era glamour. We can’t wait for you to see what we found! So, keep an open mind, and have fun selecting a symbol of your love.



Emerald Engagement Ring Shopping Considerations



Our roundup features emerald rings that range in price from $169 to $7,500, with every price point in between.




Green! But here’s the thing: We are loving how beautifully emeralds contrast with diamonds. It’s as if the glitter factor is magnified! And, emeralds look lovely set in every hue of gold, from yellow, to white. You seriously cannot go wrong with an emerald design.




Halo rings, solitaires, three-stone rings, rectangle-cut, pear-shaped: check, check, check. Each setting we feature is unique, and beautiful. You’ll have a hard time choosing between round with diamonds in white gold, and emerald-cut with white sapphires in rose gold. Our advice: Go with the ring you fall asleep dreaming about!



Other Considerations:

Note that some emeralds are lab-grown, which may or may not matter to you, but can affect the price of the ring.




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Best Two-Tone Gold Ring

Natural Emerald and Diamond Ring


The contrast of white and yellow gold with an emerald is truly striking on this rectangular-cut ring. The diamonds add a blinding amount of sparkle (in the best way possible).

Emerald 8 x 6 mm
14k gold
1 carat diamonds

2 of 17 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Oval Ring

Passion Lab-Grown Diamond, Emerald and White Gold Ring


An oval emerald appears to float atop a romantic, swirled band of lab-grown white diamonds on this Helzberg Diamonds-designed engagement ring. Simple, timeless and charming, we know we’d say “yes” to this pretty bauble!

Emerald 12 x 10 mm
14k white gold
1/2 carat diamonds

3 of 17 Image Credits: Macy's

Best Halo Ring

EFFY Brasilica Collection Emerald and Diamond Ring


This ring is a must-see from every angle. The stunner features a unique, vintage-style setting with milgrain, and a glittery diamond halo that encircles the emerald-cut emerald.

Emerald 2-1/5 carat
14k white gold
1/3 carat diamonds

4 of 17 Image Credits: Nordstrom

Best Affordable Ring

Swarovski Trilogy Ring


No one will guess this head-turning piece of jewelry costs less than $200. A large, square-cut emerald is accented by Swarovski crystal side stones, and yup, we’re in love.

Emerald 3/8 inch
Rhodium plate

5 of 17 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Yellow Gold Ring

Passion Lab-Grown Diamond and Emerald Ring


Emerald set against yellow gold looks lush and regal. We especially love this cushion cut, lab-grown emerald set in polished yellow gold. And the 1 carat of diamonds that sparkle around the green stone? Don’t mind if we do!

Emerald 9 mm
14k gold
1 carat diamonds

6 of 17 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Round Ring

Auriya Ballerina Style Halo Ring


You won’t see another ring like this one. Called ballerina style, the unique, vintage design features a round emerald encircled by round and baguette-cut diamonds, reminiscent of Gatsby-era romance and mystique.

Emerald 1 carat
14k yellow, white or rose gold
0.75 carat diamonds

7 of 17 Image Credits: Jared

Best Splurge Ring

Natural Emerald and 1 Carat Diamond Ring


Wowza! Yellow and white gold beautifully complement one another on this jaw-dropping, oval-cut emerald ring, which is set with a whopping 1 carat of sparkly diamonds. Just prepare for stares in the general direction of your left hand.

Emerald 9 x 7 mm
14k gold
1 carat diamonds

8 of 17 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Diamond Ring

Emerald and White Gold Ring


Go figure that this ring features an emerald-cut emerald. And two glistening halos of diamonds, that spill onto a white gold split shank. For a timeless, royal feel to your engagement ring, you can’t go wrong with this style!

Emerald 8 x 6 mm
10k white gold
1/2 carat diamonds

9 of 17 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Vintage Ring

Emerald and Diamond Halo Milgrain Ring


We are transported by this delicate emerald ring featuring milgrain detailing, a dainty halo of round diamonds, and a unique setting that oozes vintage charm.

Emerald 4 mm
14k yellow gold
0.14 carat diamonds

10 of 17 Image Credits: Kay Jewelers

Best Honey Gold Ring

Le Vian Emerald and Diamond Ring


It’s not quite rose, white, or yellow gold. It’s honey gold. Which is just lovely, if you ask us. We're also admiring the nude diamond halo that encircles the emerald, and the chocolate diamond accents.

Emerald 6 x 4 mm
14k honey gold
1/5 carat diamonds

11 of 17 Image Credits: Macy's

Best Pear-Cut Ring

EFFY Brasilica Collection White Gold Ring


Simple, elegant, timeless. What more needs to be said about this on-trend, pear-cut emerald engagement ring?

Emerald 9/10 carat
14k white gold
1/6 carat diamonds

12 of 17 Image Credits: Blue Nile

Best Three-Stone Ring

Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring


Three emeralds are better than one! We love how the pear-shaped side stones flank the oval-cut center stone on this indulgent engagement ring.

Emerald center stones 9 x 7 mm
Emerald side stones 5 x 3 mm
14k yellow gold
0.33 carat diamonds

13 of 17 Image Credits: Jared

Best Rose Gold Ring

Lab-Created Emerald and Sapphire Ring


This budget-conscious emerald bauble features baguette-cut, lab-created white sapphires that flank a lovely emerald set in polished rose gold. Channel-set sapphire accents stones are a sparkly finishing touch.

Emerald 7 x 5 mm
10k rose gold

14 of 17 Image Credits: Zales

Most Unique Ring

Enhanced Black Diamond Flower Engagement Ring


If unique is what you desire, consider this emerald ring that features a four-prong setting, a feminine flower-style frame, and black diamonds. Yup, black. The contrast is surprisingly pleasing and unquestionably sophisticated.

Emerald 8 mm
10k yellow gold
1/20 carat diamonds

15 of 17 Image Credits: Helzberg Diamonds

Best Lab-Created Ring

Emerald and White Sapphire Oval Ring


We fell head-over-heels for this vintage-style emerald ring that features an oval-cut stone, sapphire accents, and a lovely, swirled band.

Emerald 8 x 6 mm
10k yellow gold

16 of 17 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Wedding Set

Miadora Created Emerald and Diamond Rings


This dainty, vintage-inspired wedding set features emeralds and diamonds, set in white gold with milgrain detailing. Done and done!

Emerald 6 mm
10k white gold
1/10 carat diamonds

17 of 17 Image Credits: Macy's

Best Chunky Band Style

Macy’s Emerald and Diamond Ring


The substantial band on this emerald and diamond ring will take up just the right amount of real estate on your left ring finger.

Emerald 1-1/3 carat
14k yellow gold
Diamonds 1/4 carat