Trending Rose Gold Engagement Rings for Every Bride

Trending Rose Gold Engagement Rings for Every Bride
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If you’re in the mood to drool over some gorgeous rose gold engagement rings, here are 10 modern options!


From rose gold engagement rings to the rosy metallic finish on the latest smartphones, it’s clear that this rich gold tone is popular and here to stay.




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Modern Meets Art Deco


Brides with delicate features often look for a beautiful engagement ring that won’t completely overwhelm their hands. This demure Art Deco-inspired design features modern minimalism with a sleek, thin wedding band.

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Stackable Shades


Get the best of all worlds with a set of stackable bands as either a non-traditional wedding ring or simply additional accessories for your big day. The rose gold gleams against the other metals, and you can select as many rings as you like, depending upon your style preferences.

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Multifaceted Glimmer


This multifacted, deep rose gold wedding band brings to mind the geometric trend that is everywhere lately. Perfect for a bride with decidedly modern tastes and who also doesn’t want a flashy diamond getting in the way of her active life.

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Wraparound Charm


This splendid wraparound rose gold diamond ring features a single swirl of stones, and is pure modern elegance. If you are a bride that wants a statement ring, but also prefers to keep her jewelry understated, this might just be what you’ve been searching for.

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A Simple Heartbeat


Totally unconventional and a complete romantic? This ‘heartbeat’ ring in shiny rose gold is a lovely way to celebrate your wedding day.

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Chunky Rustic


Dainty and delicate just not your speed? Some brides prefer heavy, chunky rings (but who can afford the giant diamonds that go with them?). This rustic rose gold wedding band could actually be worn by a man or a woman, with diamond stars dusting the top of etched pine trees.

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Interesting Texture


We think this completely unique rose gold ring is ideal for brides with eccentric fashion influences. A little bit boho and beachy, this wedding band is encrusted with dozens of tiny stones.

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Pale Gemstones


Brides wanting a colored gemstone for their engagement ring shouldn’t dismiss rose gold. The blush hue goes great with pale gemstones (such as the minty option above) and even with pink sapphires for a monochromatic effect.

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Traditional Setting


If you want a more traditional rose gold engagement ring, find one that allows the rosy color to shine against the stone. This beautiful botanical inspired design above lets the rose gold peek through the diamonds.

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Full Glam


Go all-out, take-no-prisoners glamorous with this fascinating rose gold engagement ring. Embedded in the band and surrounding the center stone is an enchanting row of diamonds.