Best Wedding Bands for Men

Best Wedding Bands for Men
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Exchanging wedding bands during one’s nuptials is an enduring Western custom. While the bride’s engagement ring receives much hoopla in the preceding period, on the day of the wedding both rings carry equal symbolic weight. A bond has been established, whether that ring is made out of platinum or tattoo ink. Brides view the purchase of their groom’s wedding band as a serious one that they want to get just right. Here, we’ve selected an array of fashionable men’s wedding bands from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and more. So, when you put a ring on it, it will fit him perfectly and not just in millimeters.



Best Wedding Bands for Men 2019



Finding the Right Men’s Wedding Band



First off, you’ll need to get his ring size. If he doesn’t know it, take him to a jeweler to measure him. Secondly, you will need to choose a metal you think is best for his style and his lifestyle. Does he work with his hands everyday? If so, choose a metal that resists scratching, such as tungsten. That said, be aware: Tungsten rings cannot be resized after purchase. These are just two examples of ring characteristics you will want to examine before buying your future husband’s wedding band.



How to Choose a Man’s Wedding Band



The choice of how much you spend is yours, but luckily men’s wedding bands can be had for a low price, depending in particular on which metal you choose. For example, the cost of titanium is significantly lower than that of white gold or platinum. For that reason, budget-conscious brides might choose it over those precious metals. That said, titanium is slightly darker in color than white gold or platinum, so there is an aesthetic factor that the bride must fold into her decision. Cobalt and tungsten are other budget-friendly options to precious metals.




Interestingly, men’s wedding bands come in an incredibly wide range of colors due to the many metals that are now fashionable (and socially acceptable) for them to wear. This range includes several tones of gold: There is the traditional yellow gold, as well as blush-tone rose gold and silver-toned white gold. Platinum is a silvery metal with a white natural sheen that makes it look glossy. Titanium has a color close to that of platinum, but it is a bit darker with a rich silver finish. Polished tungsten also falls within the silver range, although it can be turned to a black color when infused with a titanium zirconium alloy. There are other materials that can create a black wedding band, including cobalt and ceramic.




The waters of men’s wedding bands run deep and men’s preferences can run a wide gamut. Some rings are simple, others are encrusted with diamonds. Some are traditional bands, while are crafted with various etchings, layers or design motifs. Get some general direction from him before you buy. Your best bet is to show him photos of rings and make notes of what he likes or doesn’t like. He might just surprise you.



Material & Other Features:

As was mentioned earlier, the type of material chosen for your groom’s wedding band will dictate the color. It can also affect the general durability of the ring. For example, while yellow and white gold are traditional metals, rose gold is actually more durable due to the inherent strength of copper within its alloy. This is something you will want to suss out before making a decision. You will also want to consider comfort if your future husband is fussy about wearing rings, as some men can be. Many rings are designed with a rounded edge for comfort. 




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Sleekest Style

Proposition Love Cobalt Chevron Accent Wedding Band


This ring is crafted of tarnish-free cobalt, which has become a popular alternative metal used for men’s wedding bands. The material is lightweight and makes a great alternative for white gold or platinum due to its silvery white color. This band is engraved with a sleek chevron design for a groom who embraces the classics but enjoys a playful twist on them. Bonus: When you buy this ring from Proposition Love Jewelry, you will support the fight for LGBT equality because the company donates 10 percent of profits to organizations that benefit various aspects of the cause.

Crafted from tarnish-free cobalt

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Best Titanium Style

Triton Men's Wedding Band with Three Diamonds


This ring has a thick pattern that reminds us of cobblestone streets in Europe, making it an artistic design for a men’s wedding band. Made of durable tungsten carbide, the ring is crafted with hearty dimensions. It’s not without poetry, however. Dotting the center, in flush-mount bevel settings, are twinkling diamonds. A satin finish completes the ring's lush look and its interior is rounded for comfort.

This ring is comprised of titanium and 1/10 total carat weight in diamonds.

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Best Channel-Set Diamond Style

Triton Men's Wedding Band in Cobalt


This is a luxurious-looking ring for a tastemaking man who admires of bit of finery. The wide cobalt band is lightly polished and is a slate gray color, giving it an understated demeanor. It is also flat rather than rounded, giving it a modern edge. A line of nine round-cut diamonds placed in a channel setting add subtle sparkle. This ring is perfect for the man with panache, a modern-day Cary Grant.

This ring is comprised of cobalt and 1/4 total carat weight in diamonds.

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Simplest Style

Triton Men's White Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band


This well-crafted ring from Triton is masculine with fine flourishes. Definitely not bulky, it is a simple and sleek ring that gets a contemporary touch through a beveled edge and matte finish. The white tungsten carbide material looks like platinum, but without the price tag. Bonus: Tungsten carbide is prized for its strength and durability. Features Supreme-Fit™ technology for maximum comfort.

This ring is comprised of white tungsten carbide.

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Stealthiest Diamond Style

Proposition Love Men's Diamond Band in 14K


Gift him with some subtle bling when you celebrate your wedding vows. This beautiful ring from Proposition Love is crafted in 14K white gold. The nature of the metal ⁠— partly brushed and partly polished ⁠— adds to the stealthy beauty of the ring. It’s decorated with a light touch via round-cut diamonds embedded in the ring’s grooves that add up to 1/8 total carat weight.

This ring is comprised of 14 karat white gold and diamonds that are 1/8 total carat weight.

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Most Decadent Ring

Marco Dal Maso The Other Half Men's 18K White Gold Band with Diamonds


Designer and founder Marco Dal Maso applies what he learned from his jewelry-maker father to his own art of jewelry making. Handmade in Italy, this Marco Dal Maso wedding band is crafted in 18 karat white gold with a texture that looks like a rock’s surface (to symbolize the strong unity of marriage). On one edge is a double line of white pavé-set diamonds. The other edge is signed “Marco Dal Maso.”

This ring is comprised of 18 karat white gold and white pavé diamonds equaling 1.00 total diamond carat weight.

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Best White Gold Ring

Macy's Men's Diamond Brushed Band in 10K Gold


This gorgeous band begins with smooth, 10K gold that can be chosen in a tone of white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. The white gold is particularly captivating, as it possesses that light silver tone that positively gleams. It mimics platinum perfectly, but is obviously less expensive. Set in a deep channel are nine full-cut diamonds.

This ring is comprised of 10k gold and 1/10 total carat weight in diamonds.

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Best Tungsten and Gold Ring

Triton Raw Men's Band in 18K White, Yellow or Rose Gold


If you want to match your ring with your fiance’s, but he wants the added flair of tungsten, this is the perfect ring. Since the ring is available with edges in yellow, white or rose gold, you can coordinate your rings accordingly. This band features an extraordinary flat profile and a matte tungsten inlay. If you seek something different and stylish, you couldn’t ask for more.

Made of 18 karat gold and tungsten

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Best Classic Ring

Bloomingdale's Men's 6mm Milgrain Half Round Wedding Band 14K Yellow Gold


This 14-karat yellow gold ring is a classic. Its width is on the narrower side ⁠— six millimeters rather than the more common eight millimeters. That thin silhouette gives it an elegant profile, plus it makes for a better look if your groom has slender fingers. A milgrain “coin edge” completes this exclusive style.

This ring is comprised of 14 karat yellow gold.

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Best Black Diamond Ring

David Yurman Streamline Two-Row Band


David Yurman has been long established as a premiere designer of modern jewelry. He definitely brings the chic to this sterling silver band. The center features two rows of pavé-set black diamonds. The edges feature his signature twisted cable design, which he created in 1983 after being inspired by the wire rope used to suspend the Brooklyn Bridge.

This ring is comprised of sterling silver and black diamonds.

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Best White Diamond Ring

De Couer IGI Men's 14K White Gold Wedding Band


Bring on the bling with this band. Crafted of gleaming 14 karat gold, it features a high polish for total shine. Then come the diamonds: There are 10 round diamonds in a channel setting that equal 1.10 total carat weight, which is a high number for a men’s wedding band. They shimmer with understated elegance and are flanked by milgrain lines that encircle the ring.

This ring is composed of 14 karat white gold and 1.10 total carat weight in diamonds.

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Best Mixed Materials Ring

Thorsten KONY Black Titanium Men’s Wedding Band with Walnut Wood Inlay


The colors in this ring complement each other perfectly. The beautiful black titanium metal and the black walnut inlay, which is damage-resistant, look richly exotic together. The beveled edges are modern, heightened by a lustrous polished finish. Lastly, the swirling grains of wood ensure that no two rings are alike. Bonus: A rounded comfort fit interior.

This ring is composed of black titanium metal and black walnut.

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Best Bling for the Price

Ever One Men's Tungsten Carbide 1/5ct TDW Diamond Comfort-Fit Band


Tungsten carbide brings durable elegance to this heavyweight band. Masculine and modern, the band features a row of seven diamonds for .20 total carat weight. The gems are bead-set into a band that features a surface of polished and matte finishes. Beveled edges add to this ring’s contemporary sophistication. The comfort fit and attractive price are bonuses.

This ring is composed of tungsten and seven diamonds of .20 total carat weight.

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Most Unique Style

Rings By Pristine Tungsten Wedding Band Lined with Exotic Whiskey Barrel Wood


For this band, Rings by Pristine has blended tungsten, a true innovation in jewelry, with wood. The exterior is crafted from black tungsten that features a thin strip of rose tungsten. The interior is finished with wood that derives from an interesting source: a genuine whisky white oak barrel protected by a water shield coating. The ring comes in a handmade olivewood keepsake box.

This ring is composed of bi-colored tungsten and wood.

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Best Sapphire Band

Neptune Tungsten Carbide Ring with Black and Blue Carbon Fiber


More fashion forward than a traditional men’s wedding band, this ring by Thorsten incorporates a blue sapphire at the center. It is made from polished tungsten carbide that features a channel cut almost all the way around the ring. Inlaid within this channel is a blue-and-black carbon fiber that creates a geometric pattern. The ring’s domed interior band slides over the finger easily for a comfortable fit.

This ring is comprised of tungsten, carbon fiber and a blue sapphire.

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Most Intricate Design

Ayala Diamonds Black Diamonds Wedding Band for Men


This black diamond wedding band is a solid sculpture in 14 karat gold. Made of two tones, yellow and rose gold, this ring features deeply stylized scrolling. Thoughtfully positioned within bezel settings for safety and durability is a series of round brilliant black diamonds totalling .17 carats. The band is finished with an exaggerated coin edge. This unique ring possesses a Moroccan sensibility that we love.

This ring is composed of 14 karat gold and black diamonds totalling .17 carats.

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Best Filigree Ring

Ayala Diamonds Filigree Men's Wedding Band in Rose & White Gold


Elegantly honor your bond with this ring, which was hand made in Israel. Simple but beautiful, it features two tones: 14 karat rose and white gold. Elegant textured edges add a modern touch to this timeless style. A coin edge in rose gold trims the band. The center is made of gleaming white gold that forms swirls of scrolls that seem to undulate like ocean waves.

This ring is comprised of 14 karat rose and white gold.

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Most Delicate Ring

Pompeii3 14-Karat White & Rose Gold Textured Milgrain Wedding Band


This is an interesting ring. The center is formed from squares of textured 14-karat rose gold that create a subtle pattern which is trimmed in the finest lines of milgrain detail. The edges of this band are made of white gold polished to a high shine for added brightness. At six millimeters wide, this is a slender and elegant choice for your future groom.

This ring is comprised of 14-karat rose and white gold.

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Best Black Tungsten Ring

Triton Men's Diamond Wedding Band


Simple, yet stunning, this Triton ring is about subtle details. Made of black tungsten carbide, this ring is strong, durable and scratch-proof. The edges are polished to a glossy finish while the center is matte. The subtle two-tone look is ultra fashionable. The band’s look is heightened by the addition of a single .10-carat round-cut white diamond in a bezel setting. This is a sophisticated, yet wallet-friendly band for your groom.

This ring is comprised of tungsten and a 10-carat round-cut white diamond.