Best His and Hers Wedding Bands

Best His and Hers Wedding Bands
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You and your betrothed are a pair, so why shouldn’t your wedding bands be too? Buying a set of ‘his and hers’ rings ensures that your tokens of love perfectly match – kind of like you and your main squeeze. OK, maybe things aren’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn close! So peruse our round-up of the most perfect ring sets for couples about to head down the aisle. You’ll see that some sets are sold as a trio with his and hers wedding rings plus an engagement ring. Most sets, whether they include two or three rings, are going to save you money since you’re buying the bands as a package deal. You’ll save time and energy searching for bands that look good together. That’s right, one and done! Just like your beloved.



Best His and Hers Wedding Bands 2019




Finding His and Hers Wedding Bands



Many his and hers wedding bands are an exact match. Others coordinate. In this case, her band will feature diamonds or other design elements that his do not, but the bands will be set in the same metal, and capture the same look and feel. Talk to your other half about what ring they envision wearing to determine whether the bands will match or coordinate. The good news is there are many different rings here to suit different tastes, so it’s likely you will find one that satisfies both of your preferences.



How to Choose His and Hers Wedding Bands



No matter your budget, you can land a set of his and hers rings that will make both of you realize, OMG, you are about to be officially married! Price points start at around $30 and go up to $1,000. Just keep in mind some of those prices will include an engagement ring depending on the set.




Titanium, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, sterling silver. It’s all here! And diamonds? Yes. Ditto cubic zirconia if you want bling for less bucks.




Some his and hers bands are simple and timeless, and that’s enough. But if you want your ring to stand out, features to look for include super-sparkly pavé diamonds, braided and nature-inspired detailing, milgrain, and colorful gemstones.



Other Considerations:

Some rings are sold in standard sizes. For instance, the ring for her is a size 7, and the ring for him is a size 10. You’ll need to contact the seller to request other sizes, or have your set sized for you.




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Best Titanium Set

LaRaso & Co Matching Wide Bands


Keep things simple with a pair of matching high-polish titanium rings that feature a slightly raised center band. You’ll score both baubles for less than it will cost to get a wedding day manicure and pedicure. Considering titanium is virtually indestructible, that’s a pretty good deal. You could purchase this inexpensive set of his and hers bands to serve as backup rings for when you go on vaca. Or, sport the bands every day if your jobs involve getting your hands dirty. Either way, these rings will never go out of style.

Both bands are 6 mm wide

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are perfect for your first wedding set. I love them!

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Best Yellow Gold and Diamonds Trio

Midwest Jewellery Rings


This wedding set includes matching his and hers bands, as well as a coordinating engagement ring. Set in yellow gold, which is more popular than ever, all three pieces feature rows of pavé diamonds that glimmer and shine like, whoa! The men’s band is wider than the women’s version, but otherwise it looks identical. So people know that’s your man! Who proposed to you with a sparkly solitaire of pavé-set stones. Sigh. Congrats!

Diamonds. 1/2 carat
10K yellow gold
Men’s ring size 10
Message the seller for more sizes.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The rings were exactly what I expected! I give Midwest Jewellery five stars for product and customer service. The wedding set I ordered was exactly how it was advertised. The sizing came out perfect. I was surprised, and my new fiancé was blown away by how beautiful they were and how they fit perfectly.

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Best Sterling Silver and Pavé Diamond Trio

Dazzling Rock Round Diamond Mens & Womens Rings


If modern-style jewelry makes you feel moderately giddy, check out this wedding trio featuring white, pavé diamonds set in sterling silver. The engagement ring blazes with round-cut pavé stones in a princess-cut arrangement. The wedding bands also feature these small white stones. We love the diagonal detailing on the bands, which we haven’t seen on many other rings. Reviewers caution that if you want a chunky men’s band, this set isn’t for you. So just keep that in mind, if you haven’t already fallen in love with this wedding set!

Diamonds, 0.65 carat
Band widths for women’s ring is 10.8 mm, men’s ring is 4.5 mm
Men’s ring size 10, women’s ring size 7

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We love them. They were just what we were looking for. They are great for the price. The trio fit us both perfectly! If you’re looking for something a bit more masculine for the men's band, this is not the set for you because the men's band is a little thin. It's a beautiful set!

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Best Blue Gemstone Rings

EEJ Collections His & Hers Stainless Steel and CZ Set


This trio of wedding rings can totally be your something blue! Or, maybe you just love blue, like we do. Either way, for a very wallet-friendly price, you get a matching women’s engagement and wedding ring that feature sparkly cubic zirconia, set in sterling silver. The center stone on the engagement ring is a lovely shade of blue, which matches the wide men’s ring in stainless steel, with blue ion and milgrain detailing. Don’t overthink the choice to go blue or go home until you’re blue in the face. True blue or bust! OK, we’ll stop now. We wouldn’t want to make you blue. No, really stopping now.

Cubic zirconia, 2 carats
Band width 8 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The beautiful rings came a week early. My husband and I absolutely love them!

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Best Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Set

10 Karat Matching His & Hers Rings


A princess-cut cubic zirconia flanked by smaller stones set in gold is the first bauble you’ll see when he gets down on one knee to propose. Then, on your wedding day, exchange matching yellow gold bands featuring the same round-cut, smaller gemstones. Reviewers claim no one can tell the stones aren’t diamonds, and they’re pleased by the price. Fingers crossed this set is everything you’ve been dreaming about and more!

Cubic zirconia, 1-3/4 carat
10K gold
Men’s band width 3.6 mm, women’s band is 2.9 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We decided we wanted to have a matching set, and these fit the bill. They were a perfect fit and not too expensive. They were classic and beautiful to wear everyday. This wedding ring set is awesome.

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Best Vintage Ring Set

Jewelry Escorial Milgrain Wedding Bands


Be still our hearts! This vintage-inspired set of his and hers bands has us swooning. The intricate, wide band for her features wave and leaf detailing with milgrain and cubic zirconia. The men’s band has a brushed matte center sandwiched between two high-polish bands. Reviewers are obsessed, and we can see why. Truly, these wedding rings will make you feel as special as you deserve, and they are completely timeless. They’re art!

14K white, rose or yellow gold
Upgrade to diamonds available
Her ring 5 mm wide, his 5.5 mm
Stones approximately 1/4 carat

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We love our rings! This was an amazing place to deal with. We were short on time to get our rings, and they made it happen. The rings are beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with the service.

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Best Traditional Gold Set

Master Jewelry Shop Classic Couple Rings


If you want to keep things as simple and straightforward as humanly possible, we can’t make this any easier. Yellow gold bands. Identical. No frills, Simple. Timeless. Elegant. That’s it. Reviewers praise the quality of the seller’s work and say their pieces of jewelry are beautiful. All good? Thought so.

14K gold
Band width 4.1 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It's a quality piece of jewelry with outstanding craftsmanship. I highly recommend. I received super fast shipping and beautiful rings.

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Best Rose Gold Option

byADORA Braided Set With Diamonds


She wants something intricate and special. He desires a simple, timeless band. But you want your rings to coordinate. So here’s the fix: In this set, her ring is set in rose gold and features a braided design, dotted with small, conflict-free diamonds. It’s delicate and beautiful, if we do say so ourselves. The men’s ring consists of a nice, substantial-width band crafted with brushed rose gold. The vintage look and feel of the bands will please her. The no-fuss elegance of the men’s band will please him. Done and done.

14K rose gold
Her ring 2 mm, His ring 5 - 7 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We are more pleased than we could imagine! The rings are perfect and exactly how they look in the pictures. The sizing was exactly what we ordered. Shipping was quick, and conversations with the seller were always timely. I highly recommended. Our rings arrived, and they are perfect.

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Best White Gold and Diamond Trio

Midwest Jewellery Princess Cut Ring and Wedding Bands


This wedding set features three pieces of white gold jewelry with various-shaped diamonds that add up to a unique look you’ll love. The engagement ring’s princess-cut setting is made up of four diamonds, flanked by side stones, and baguette-cut diamonds are inlaid on the slender band. A matching wedding ring for her features the same round and baguette-cut stones. The men’s band also features diamonds, because men deserve a little bling, too. Now go sparkle, together!

Diamonds, 0.75 carat
10K white gold
Bands, 7 mm
His ring size 10, hers size 7
Sized upon request

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This set is exquisite, and my girl loves it. It's very thin but a great price.

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Best Two-Tone Trio

Silver City Jewelry Gold Set


Set in two-tone gold, this wedding band trio is unique, and it stands out with thoughtful details like diamond-adorned cut-outs and high-polish finish. The wedding bands mirror one another and will help you feel connected to your other half even when you’re miles apart. The matching engagement ring is the perfect complement to the women’s band. And the price is nice enough that you won’t have to skateboard to your wedding because you sold your car to afford rings. Unless of course you want to skateboard. No judgment here!

10K yellow gold
Band width 5 mm
Diamonds, 0.06 carat

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We wrote asking for the sizes we needed, and it was done to perfection. Thankfully, they are lovely and light! The rings are beautiful, and they fit perfectly on both of us. We are very happy with our purchase!

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Most Unique Set

Luxurman 10 Karat Gold Trio


The word unique doesn’t even do this wedding trio justice! Round pavé stones dot scattered leaf-shaped cutouts on the wedding bands, and they are mirrored on the engagement band. The engagement ring features a swirl of pavé stones that will seriously enchant you and everyone who sees your ring finger. If a modern, unusual design will make your heart happy the day you walk down the aisle, and for years to come, stop looking. You’ve found the rings you’ve been daydreaming about ever since you met your soon-to-be legally-official life partner.

Diamonds, 0.05 carat
Available in two-tone or yellow gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are great quality rings. I love them and am totally pleased!

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Most Affordable Set

LaRaso & Co Trio With Black Titanium Men’s Band and Vintage Women’s Rings


It’s not too good to be true! You can buy a trio of wedding rings for less than $50. The women’s rings are vintage-inspired and feature a trio of round-cut cubic zirconia stones and inlaid baguettes on the engagement ring, which pairs beautifully with a sparkly wedding ring with milgrain detailing. The men’s band is black-plated titanium and acts as a masculine complement to the lovely, dainty women’s rings. Wearers say you can’t tell the stones aren’t diamonds and praise the beauty of these rings. Now go ahead and say “I do” to this wallet-friendly find!

Cubic zirconia, 2.5 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I have gotten tons of comments on how bright the ‘diamonds’ shine. This ring is beautiful. It catches the eye from far away. You can't tell me it’s not a $3,000 ring.

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Best Ornate Option

byADORA His & Hers Celtic Rings


You’ll feel as though you’re wearing pieces of art when you slip on handmade, solid gold rings created just for you. The women’s ring features an openwork Celtic design dotted with 10 round diamonds. The men’s band mirrors the design, but the raised gold detail is soldered onto a black band. According to the seller, the design is meant to symbolize how each part completes the other. So even when you aren’t with your darling, you will still feel connected. We’re sold!

14K white, rose or yellow gold
Band width 5 mm
Thicker bands are available for upcharge.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Our rings are just beautiful! They arrived so quickly, and the fit is perfect. The retailer was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the order. Overall, I'm just extremely pleased with the experience and product. I love them. I received fast shipping and beautiful craftsmanship! I can't wait for our wedding. Thank you.

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Best Engravable Set

Gemini Yellow Gold Matching Bands


If easy, timeless elegance is the look and feel you crazy kids are going for, check out these matching, comfort-fit, two-tone bands set in sturdy, yet lightweight titanium. We love the brushed, matte center and high polish outer bands these rings feature. Bonus: The Gemini-designed his and hers wedding bands come with free engraving. So, you can declare your love for your beloved on your wedding day and every day.

18K gold filled
Band widths, Hers 4 mm, His 6 mm
Available in half sizes

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The rings are beautiful and lightweight. The rings showed up quicker than was estimated. They were the exact size we ordered. The engravings on the inside of the band also exactly as we asked for.

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Best Blingy Trio

Dazzling Rock White Diamond Rings


Anyone have a pair of sunglasses we can borrow? You might need them too as you feast your eyes on this trio of rings that feature row upon row of small sparklers. The princess-cut engagement ring matches a diamond-encrusted wedding band that also matches the wider men’s band. If it’s got to be diamonds and shine, you can’t go wrong with this modern wedding set. Unless of course you hate people admiring your jewelry. And having to wear sunglasses whenever they’re around you and your spouse. Did we mention this is a blingy wedding set? OK, think you’ve got the picture.

10K yellow or white gold
Diamonds, 1.1 carats
Band width 8.1 mm
Her ring is size 7, his is size 10
Contact seller for additional sizes.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I give it five stars. These rings were the best buy! They arrived on time, and the diamonds are real.