Best Opal Wedding Rings

Best Opal Wedding Rings
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Opals are associated with love and passion. It’s also said these naturally occurring gemstones inspire loyalty and faithfulness. Thus, an opal is a beautiful and meaningful choice to adorn an engagement or wedding ring. And wow, are there so many choices for opal rings, from cut to setting. Indeed, opals aren’t just round; they can be cushion-cut or oval in shape. Some rings are set surrounded by pave diamonds, or flanked by baguettes. No matter the style of the ring, since opals reflect light, they are always lovely to behold. You won’t grow tired of gazing upon an opal ring, on the day you say “yes” to a proposal, the day you utter the words “I do” and beyond. Read on to discover the best opal engagement and wedding rings for all tastes and budgets. We promise that even if you didn’t think of yourself as an opal kind of gal, you may end up changing your mind!



Best Opal Wedding Rings for Women in 2019




Finding an Opal Wedding Ring



Opals are super versatile, and they can literally replace the diamond in almost any traditional ring. Opals are just a different way to go, and that’s kind of exciting. As in, you aren’t limited to a diamond when you say “yes” or “I do.” Exquisite options of the opal variety abound, from a center gemstone encircled with a halo of diamonds to a band beset with opals to exchange on your big day. Keep an open mind, and let your imagination and your heart be your guide. Get ready to meet the ring of your dreams.



How to Choose an Opal Ring



We found opal rings ranging from less than $100 to more than $1,000. All budgets welcome!




Opals aren’t just white! They reflect color and may look different in various kinds of light. Opals also come in electric blue, fiery-orange and a host of other shades.




You are going to have an amazing time scrolling through all the styles of opal rings from modern to vintage. May we suggest a glass of champagne to enhance your viewing experience?



Other Features:

Some opals are lab created, which means the price of the piece will be lower. Also note that some bands are solid gold, while others are plated.



1 of 24 Image Credits: Macy’s

Best Halo

Macy’s Opal and Diamond Ring


Behold this highly-rated opal ring that features a round-cut stone surrounded by a sparkly halo of diamonds, which cascade onto the delicate rose gold band. We love how this ring incorporates the rose gold trend, pretty, shiny diamonds and a unique center stone. This is one ring that will be noticed, admired and dare we say, coveted by friends. We picture a matching rose gold diamond wedding ring completing the stunning set.

Opal, 3/4 carat
Diamonds, 1/8 carat
14 karat rose gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The picture does not do justice to how gorgeous this ring is. It is absolutely perfect. Looks very classic, and it’s very shiny. The band is thin and dainty. The rose gold and diamonds complement the opal nicely. Unfortunately, the opal doesn't have much ‘fire’ to it. The clarity and sparkle of the diamonds make up for it even though they are small. It’s still a keeper that I would recommend.

2 of 24 Image Credits: Macy’s

Best Emerald Cut

Macy’s 1/2 Carat Rose Gold Ring


If round cut isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps an emerald-cut center stone will get your heart pounding. Send your love a link to this luxe-looking engagement ring that boasts a chunky opal surrounded by a round-cut diamond halo and set in a rose gold band with diamonds. We love the slightly blingy elegance of this classic ring that will have you saying “yes” faster than your main squeeze can slip it on your finger.

Opal, 1/2 carat
Diamonds, 1/5 carat
14 karat rose gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love this ring. It is beautiful and looks very elegant. It's well worth the price, and it is a unique piece. The opal is not dull at all, and it has a great luster and shine to it. The opal gemstone surrounded by diamonds provides endless sparkle. This ring is tiny and delicate. I have a slender arm and hand, but this ring looked like it belonged on a young girl.

3 of 24 Image Credits: Macy’s

Best Oval Vintage Pick

Macy’s Lab Created Opal and Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring


Achieve the look of luxury for less. This vintage-inspired piece features a large lab-created opal and sapphire stunningly and uniquely set in a rose gold-plated sterling silver band. So you don’t spend your life’s savings, but wow, look at what you get! The head-turning piece captures old-world charm on your finger. You are sure to adore this unique ring for a long time to come. Congrats!

Opal, One carat
Sapphire, 1/2 carat
14 karat rose gold plated sterling silver

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is an absolutely beautiful ring. I have received so many compliments. The clarity of colors is perfect with beautifully mounted rose gold.

4 of 24 Image Credits: Macy’s

Best Round with Diamond Baguettes Pick

Opal Accent Ring in Rose Gold


Confession: We are panting over this vintage-inspired opal ring with diamond baguettes set in rose gold. Simple, charming and elegant, this bauble truly ticks all the boxes when it comes to what you covet in an engagement ring, or hey, even a wedding band. Reviewers gush over the delicate setting and sparkle. Um, can we have one?

Opal, 3/4 carats
14 karat gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This ring is beautiful! The opal is stunning. The ring is dainty and classy. It fits to size, and it sparkles. I am in love with this ring. It’s very delicate and just what I wanted.

5 of 24 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Cubic Zirconia Option

LStudioC Sterling Silver Pear Shape Opal Engagement Ring


If you are searching for a unique opal ring with timeless appeal, consider this teardrop-cut opal stunner. The center stone is flanked with round-cut diamonds, and the delicate band is sterling silver, yellow or rose gold plated. Customers say this ring is special and beautiful, and the price couldn’t be more agreeable, so we don’t hate that! You’ll want to wear this ring each day for the rest of your happily ever after.

Sterling silver
Opal, 5x8 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It’s gorgeous! It’s very delicate and small for those who prefer rings this way. My girl was totally blown away and completely surprised. I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction to her ring. 10 out of 10 review. Thank you for creating her dream ring and getting it to us so quickly.

6 of 24 Image Credits: Bloomingdale’s

Best Understated Option with a Small Opal

Zoë Chicco Thin Gold Ring


Looking for a simple but pretty opal wedding ring that’s budget friendly, too? Yes, it exists! This Zoë Chicco piece couldn’t be more delicate, but the opal stone adds sparkle for a hint of fun. If your taste is less bling and more basic, we feel you. You will adore the quality of this Bloomingdale’s find that would pair beautifully with a delicate gold wedding band to complete the tasteful set.

14 karat gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It is the perfect everyday ring. It is dainty and stacks well with other rings. I have a couple other rings from this brand, and they look really well paired together. The quality is really good too. I would recommend this piece! I love this simple opal ring. I wear it everyday and never take it off. I love how it looks and want more to pair with it!

7 of 24 Image Credits: Overstock

Most Unique Setting

Anika and August Yellow Gold Australian and Fire Opal Ring


An oval-cut Australian opal sits in a bed of fiery-orange opals on a yellow gold band with this unique, eye-catching ring. Wearers say they can’t stop gazing upon their fingers. You are bound to receive endless compliments once it is placed on your hand. We are already admiring your finger adorned with this delicate, colorful opal ring. A fire opal wedding band would be the ideal finishing touch!

Opal, 13/20 carat
14 karat gold
2 - 3 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Wow. If you are thinking about purchasing this ring, do it. This is a very nice ring with lots of color. Since it contains both an Australian Opal and Fire Opal it is very versatile. Just the right weight on my finger. I especially love the fire opals. You cannot go wrong. Just go for it. It’s a beautiful ring. I have received many compliments. The fire opals are truly orange and the center opal is very pretty. I can’t stop looking at it on my hand. I’m very happy with purchase!

8 of 24 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Cushion Cut

D’Yach Rose Gold Ethiopian Opal Accent Ring


Behold this lush, cushion-cut opal ring. The impressive stone is surrounded by drool-worthy hot pink rubies and pave set, sparkly white diamonds, upon a delicate rose gold band. This isn’t your everyday cushion-cut diamond ring. You chose something just a bit different to showcase your love! But you still get the sparkle of diamonds. And rubies. Let’s get real; they are breathtaking and beautiful. So yeah, you’re winning with this super-special piece.

Opal, 1 1/7 carats
12 prong setting
14 karat gold
Diamonds, 1/13 carat
Band width 2 - 3 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I really like this ring, but have to say I am disappointed in the weight of it. The band is very thin, and if you wear it a lot, I think it could break. But it’s gorgeous and very good quality!

9 of 24 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Opal Band

K Best Design Stackable Ring


This exquisite opal eternity band features round-cut stones set in sterling silver or plated gold. Wearers praise the quality and speedy service. What a pretty, delicate and simple ring that will pair beautifully with an opal engagement ring. It’s lovely, understated, yet so interesting to gaze upon given the reflective properties of opal. Oh, and priced to please your wallet.

Available in half sizes

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The shipping was super fast, and the ring is even more beautiful than I expected. It came much earlier than I expected. Great craftsmanship and wonderful service. They even offered to resize it because I ordered it a tad too big.

10 of 24 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Ring

Miadora Rose Gold White Topaz and Diamond Halo


It was tough to pick a “best of” in this category because Overstock offers so many gorgeous options. But this romantic, timeless opal engagement ring stole our hearts. The oval-cut center stone is plush and pretty, and the round, white topaz stones that surround it look substantial and glittery. The gold band features a braided design and more sparkly topaz. Try to tear your eyes off this exquisite setting long enough to say “yes” when your love asks you to spend your lives together.

Opal, 4/5 carat
Topaz, 5/8 carat
14 karat gold
2 - 3 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This ring is so beautiful! It catches the light so nicely. It is my all-time favorite combo of metal and stone. The white topaz is clear as day and catches the light nicely as well. The opal is obviously the show stopper, but the whole thing is magnificent. It’s a very sparkly but dainty ring.

11 of 24 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Antique Opal Ring

Anika and August Yellow Gold Oval Cut


This ring exudes old world charm, and purchasers rave about it. If you seek a substantial bauble that looks vintage and feels special, here it is. A large, oval-cut opal sits atop a bed of six diamonds set in gold. A high-polish finish is what this ring exudes to lend it a truly antique authenticity you won’t find in many other pieces. For a ring that looks like a family heirloom, but is actually all yours, click “buy!”

Opal, 1.05 carats
Diamonds, 0.03 carats
14 karat gold
2 - 3 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is not a flimsy ring! It has great weight and size. First and foremost, this is a very pretty, well-made ring. The ring is beautiful and has that old fashioned look.

12 of 24 Image Credits: Amazon

Best White Gold Pick

Fine Jewelers Opal and Topaz Ring


Set in white gold, this breathtaking oval-cut opal ring is flanked by three round-cut white topaz stones on each side. This priced-right bauble designed by New York City-based Fine Jewelers looks like a fine antique, and reviewers praise the engagement band for how it reflects light. We see this delicate ring being paired with a whilte gold wedding band adorned with white topaz.

8x6 mm opal
10 karat white gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love this ring so much! I was a little apprehensive ordering a ring without actually seeing it first, but the picture was so beautiful that I took a chance. I've had it a week now and am so happy with it. I've received many compliments on it. It looks like a very expensive ring. I love the way the color changes so much in different lights. It's just absolutely stunning! I'm really hoping I'll be wearing it for years.

13 of 24 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Etsy Ring

AntEvaCrafts White Opal Halo


A white or yellow gold band is the backdrop for this petite and precious round-cut opal stone that glimmers with light. A halo of Swarovski crystals adds the perfect finishing touch to a ring that looks elegant and dainty. Reviewers gush about the quality of this beautiful piece that will make saying “yes” to a proposal a no brainer.

6 mm gem diameter

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love this ring so much! Of course I don't want to test it too much, but it has really held up better than I expected. It’s an awesome purchase. It's even more beautiful than the picture. It’s the best quality piece of jewelry I’ve ever ordered off the internet. I definitely recommend it.

14 of 24 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Multiple Gem Band

AuroraDesigner Faceted Opal Cluster Ring


We were mad impressed to come across this super-unique cluster ring featuring four Ethiopian opals in pear and opal shapes. A sprinkle of glittery white diamonds completes this dainty, special ring. You won’t be able to stop thinking about it until you call it your own – perhaps on your wedding day? Just sayin’. Did we mention this ring is gorgeous, delicate and so lovely it’ll be the talk of your nuptials, honeymoon and forever after? Note that this type of opal should be kept away from liquid.

1.3 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I absolutely adore this ring. It’s my wedding band. This ring is gorgeous. I can't get over how sparkly it is. It’s beautiful and very well made. Thank you! I’m very pleased with the ring, and it’s even prettier than the picture.

15 of 24 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Eternity Band

LStudioC Baguette Cut Ring


If you are determined to land an opal wedding ring, this eternity band featuring emerald-cut opals set in sterling silver, white, yellow, or rose gold may just solve all of your problems. OK, not every problem ever, but like, most. Reviewers say this delicate bauble made their hearts happy. We can see why! It’s unique, timeless, and feminine. Oh, and the price won’t mean you can’t afford to buy your first home!

Can be made in plated gold, 14 karat or 18 karat

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The ring is beautiful, dainty, fits perfectly and arrived on time, I can't say enough good things about this ring! This ring is amazing. It’s a great delicate piece. It's breathtaking and everything I wanted.

16 of 24 Image Credits: Macy’s

Best Yellow Gold Option

Macy’s Opal & Diamond Accent Ring


Yellow gold is as on trend as rose gold. This yellow gold, oval-cut opal ring is on trend, timeless, beautiful and delicate.… we can’t say enough good things! The diamonds that flank the opal add the perfect amount of sparkle. Pair this pretty opal engagement ring with a yellow gold and diamond or white topaz eternity band for an antique look that will never go out of style.

Opal, 1 5/8 carat
14 karat gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The stone is nice in the light as there are some fires in the stone. I had a problem with the setting after wearing it for less than a week. The stone fell out, and I had to manually put it back in and try to secure it. I bought the warranty on it.

17 of 24 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Amazon Band

18k Yellow Genuine Opal Ring


Three natural oval-cut opal stones adorn this ornate, Victorian-inspired yellow gold ring that reviewers award high marks for quality, price and its sheer majesty. They swear this bauble is as breathtaking in person as one can imagine, and photos don’t do it justice. There’s only way to find out if this opal ring is as enchanting as we think is is. So, congrats in advance?

8x6 mm opal. 18 karat rose gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I am the fiance this ring was intended for.… I was looking for a beautiful opal engagement ring that was incredibly romantic, magical and featured real natural stones. I was so incredibly happy with this ring when I saw it and cried before I was even proposed to. Since my grandmother passed, each of the women in the family bought a three stone opal ring to mimic hers. I have been looking for a trilogy ring as a family heirloom now for over a year. When I came across this, I fell in love with the setting and size of the stones

18 of 24 Image Credits: Amazon

Most Affordable Amazon Option

Modern Contemporary Rings Elegant Yellow Gold Solitaire


The price of dinner on your first date is less than what your love will pay for you to sport a feminine, antique-style opal engagement ring. Highly rated on Amazon, this affordable piece of jewelry features a glimmery, oval-cut opal in a unique, ornate setting. Devotees of this budget-friendly bauble say it’s dainty, but still eye-catching. What more could you ask for? Besides a meticulously-planned, completely original proposal, of course.

Opal, 0.55 carats
10 karat gold
2.2 mm band

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love it! It’s delicate but noticeable. This stone is perfect without being to big. It's a lovely ring for someone who has small, slim fingers.

19 of 24 Image Credits: Macy’s

Best Oval Cut with Diamond Halo

Macy’s Opal Accent Ring


An oval cut opal dances amidst a halo of large diamonds set on a dainty gold band. We love this ring because it feels vintage, modern, pretty and darn-near perfect. Wearers say photos don’t do it justice and love the glimmery diamond accents. We love how this ring manages to be both unique and classic. If you love bling but still want understated beauty in your engagement ring, look no further!

Opal, 3/4 carat
14 karat rose gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is a beautiful ring. It was larger in size than expected though. It still looks amazing when worn. The picture does not do it justice. The halo is not as big as vintage pieces, which makes it a little more contemporary than some other pieces that look similar. The diamonds are gorgeous but definitely steer you to the focal point – the opal. I’m a very happy buyer!

20 of 24 Image Credits: Macy’s

Best Mega Bling Ring

Lab Created Opal and White Sapphire


Holy bling! If you want your opal engagement ring to turn heads, send your main squeeze a link to this wow-factor bauble ASAP. No one will know the cushion-shape opal is lab created, or that the sparkle comes courtesy of a double row of white sapphire. Who cares? This ring screams “look at me!” And we will be breaking our necks to adore you in the stunner that reviewers swear garners tons of compliments.

Opal, 1 3/8 carat
White sapphire, 1/2 carat
14 karat gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I’m really happy I bought this ring. I get so many compliments on it. Yes, I’m very happy with my purchase!

21 of 24 Image Credits: Macy’s

Best 4-Stone Option

Macy’s Opal and Diamond Ring


One opal not enough? Indulge in this four-stone ring that boasts nearly three carats of pear and round shaped opals. Diamond accents add just a hint of sparkle to an understated, yet liberal use of gemstones set in sterling silver. The price is nice for how much you get. One reviewer even admitted the ring was bigger than she hoped. How often does that happen?

Opals, 2 3/8 carat

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is an absolutely beautiful ring. It’s a little bigger than I anticipated, but it still works for my hand. The opals are stunning. It’s a very simple ring but eye-catching.

22 of 24 Image Credits: Overstock

Best 3-Stone Option

Miadora 10k White Gold Opal Ring


Three oval-cut opals are simply set in sterling for a wedding or engagement ring that will make your heart swoon every day. Diamond accents give this understated bauble just a hint of sparkle. (We all need a hint!) If you love opals, you can’t go wrong with the classic design and wallet-friendly price of this three-stone ring that incidentally, we totally want, too.

Opal, 1/2 carat
10 karat white gold
1 - 2 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is such a lovely setting of opal. I love the smoothness of the gems. The smoky white of the opal is beautiful. The diamonds are small yet just perfect. This is a sweet little ring that's priced right. Understanding the measurements, I was expecting it to be teeny tiny so I wasn't surprised when it arrived. I'm pleased with the quality and appearance of the opals, the setting and the band, but the only mildly disappointing factor are the diamond chips – they have zero shine.

23 of 24 Image Credits: Overstock

Best Budget Buy from

Miadora Sterling Silver Opal and Diamond Ring


If your love fills your cup in every way possible, including sticking to a super-responsible budget, you win. And they can still put a ring on it in style with this find for less than $100. A luxe-looking round opal shines surrounded by a shimmering halo of diamonds set in sterling silver. Wearers say this ring is priced well, but still gets their hearts racing with its beauty. Add a matching wedding band, and your hand is going to be your favorite accessory.

1 - 2 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I wanted something different than a diamond, and this ring is it. I have been wearing this ring for a year and a half, and it is still as pretty as it was the day he put it on my finger. I love this ring. This is a pretty, dainty ring that I got a lot of compliments on. My husband proposed to me with this ring. The thin band provides a beautiful contrast to the opal. The opal has a subtle and elegant depth and is emphasized gracefully by the halo of small diamonds around the edge and on the band. I really could not have been happier. It’s truly a beautiful ring at a fantastic price.

24 of 24 Image Credits: Saks Fifth Avenue

Best Splurge Option

Meira T Opal, Diamond & 14K Rose Gold Ring


So you want to go big or go home? An electric-blue, giant oval opal set in a halo of diamonds ought to fit the bill. You’ll walk into a room and be noticed sporting this impressive piece of jewelry by designer Meira T. We won’t judge you for using your left hand a lot – waving it all over being super flagrant about showing off your new, unique, one-of-a-kind bling. We would, too.

Diamonds, 0.29 carat
14 karat rose gold

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I had been looking for a statement ring, and this is certainly it. It is just beautiful.