Simple Wedding Rings You’ll Love

Simple Wedding Rings You’ll Love
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Sometimes bigger is not always better… fall in love with these simple wedding rings.

Tis’ the season… engagement season that is! Friends and strangers left and right are getting engaged. Married, single or seriously dating, we all experience a rush of emotions as we see our social media news feeds fill with manicured hands adorned with gorgeous engagement rings. We “ooh” and “ahh” while we fall in love with diamonds, gems, and gold… oh my!


Working for a wedding company, this infatuation with gorgeous engagement rings is experienced tenfold and when I was engaged I found myself staring at my ring more than I would like to admit. Let’s face it, as humans we are wired to completely melt in the face of sparkle. Basically, sparkly equals beautiful – and, around the office here, engagement season is an exciting time! However, in the midst of all this excitement there is a new trend beginning to surface that makes me smile inside. I’m talking about the especially beautiful and ultra-simple wedding ring.


While big and sparkly is no doubt stunning, the simple and delicate wedding rings that have been gaining popularity have completely wooed me. The simple wedding ring is elegant and nontraditional, capturing just enough attention to make my heart flutter.


Bigger is not always better — we’ve been told that our whole lives. And how many times has that played true for you? My guess is more than once and it is also true when we talk about wedding rings. Below are some of our favorite simple wedding rings. These rings are absolutely gorgeous and great options for those looking to break away from the mold.


Keep in mind as you browse engagement rings, the ring that ends up on your finger doesn’t win over your heart because of the style, cut, color, size, detail… It’s because the giver of the ring stole your heart long before the ring was placed on your finger. How do you know if you got the right ring? You know because it came from the right person.


Cheers to engagement season! Enjoy the adventure!


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Trillion Wedding Set


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Organic Gold Pebble Ring


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Pearl Engagement Ring


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Lexie Emberald Ring