Best Stainless Steel Wedding Rings

Best Stainless Steel Wedding Rings
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Stainless steel isn’t just for appliances. This metal is also popular as an alternative to sterling silver, gold, or platinum when it comes to wedding rings for both men and women, because it’s super-durable, and, well, very wallet friendly. Despite the relatively low cost, a stainless steel ring won’t tarnish (like, ever) and is unlikely to scratch. So, it’s built to last a lifetime. Like your love. But there is another reason beyond longevity that altar-bound couples turn to this material for their wedding bands: stainless steel is hypoallergenic, making it a win for folks with sensitive skin. Plus, almost no one will be able to tell the difference between a stainless steel ring and a more expensive option. So why not consider the low-cost and attractive stainless steel wedding ring choices we’ve curated for both brides and grooms? You may be surprised by how many different stainless steel styles are available. And one may just be “the one” for you, or your other half. 



Our Favorite Stainless Steel Wedding Rings for Women and Men



Finding a Stainless Steel Wedding Ring



Many people purchase a stainless steel band as a second wedding ring to wear on trips or to work. Not that a stainless steel ring wouldn’t make a perfect primary wedding ring. You simply need to consider what function the piece will serve for you, which may dictate what type of ring you select both style and price-wise. For example, you’ll probably be willing to take more style risks with a “stunt” ring, but won’t want to spend as much. Read on to discover both traditional and exciting options available for your consideration.



How to Choose a Stainless Steel Ring



Most of the stainless steel rings for men and women on this list are well under $100, and all of them cost less than $300 (except one mega-splurge option for men!), with many options coming in at under $50. You’re welcome!




Stainless steel is typically gray, yes, but it can also come in other tones, like black, rose gold or yellow. Look out for some two-tone rings on this list that will make your heart flutter like when you first laid eyes on your soon-to-be spouse.




We are impressed by the style spectrum stainless steel rings span. Style elements we love include diamond accents, cubic zirconia bling, milgrain detailing, and even twisted cables and crushed quartz. Whether you want a bit of sparkle on the side, or prefer a more refined, everyday look, there is a ring on this list that will make you say, “yes” again. 



Other Considerations:

Most rings are designed to mimic more expensive platinum or white gold versions that feature real diamonds. But wearers claim you seriously can’t tell the difference! 





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Best Cubic Zirconia Ring for Women

West Coast Jewelry Eternity Bridal Band Link to Product:

Price: $24.00

This highly-rated women’s wedding ring features round cubic zirconia stones that wrap all the way around the band, set in high polish stainless steel. The band is thick enough for you to feel the weight of love on your finger, but definitely not bulky. Wearers praise the subtle sparkle of this band, and say the piece is comfortable and runs true-to-size. If simple with just a touch of bling describes your style, well, is it premature for us to say “congratulations” that you found the stainless steel ring for you?

0.06 carats
Band width 4 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“Lovely ring with excellent clear sparkle and fine lines. I purchased it to wear on vacation. The stainless steel will not chip or tarnish with age or wear. It’s a classy ring. The sizing seems accurate. Love this ring! I get a lot of compliments. This ring is easy to wear. I would highly recommend it. I work as a nurse and wanted a ring to wear to work instead of my actual wedding ring. I'm constantly putting on gloves and using hand sanitizer. I am loving this ring.”

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Best Two-Tone Option for Men

Miadora Stainless Steel Wedding Band Link to Product

Price: $20.00

A two-tone ring in silver and gold tones is both masculine and stylish, and this stainless steel option also costs less than most dinner dates. We can’t help but admire the clean lines on this customer-loved design that features high polish stainless steel accented by two yellow bands. The Miadora band would be a great option for everyday wear, from work to the gym, to dinner, to the sofa, and it looks good with a variety of watches, no matter the metal. Bonus: Wearers say the ring is comfortable and durable. What more can you ask for?

Band width 6.9 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This ring matches my gold and stainless watch nicely. It is comfortable too. I appreciate the good value and great service from My husband loved it and it looks very nice. Very nice and comfortable to wear.”

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Best Simple Men’s Band

Stainless Steel High Polish Ring

Price: $24.00

For some (OK, many) men, less is more when it comes to jewelry. This masculine stainless steel wedding band is substantial, yet simple. The piece features faint banded lines to add just a touch of style. Speaking of style, this ring will never go out of style given its timeless appeal. We can see any man sporting this band to any occasion; so don’t overthink it! If you care more about what appetizers will be served at your wedding (mini-corn dogs!) than the intricate details of a wedding ring, click “buy” now.

Band width 8 mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“It's a nice ring for my husband. It is excellent and durable. I give it five stars.”

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Best Contemporary Women’s Ring

CHARRIOL Two-Tone Cable Band

Price: $150.00

Contemporary. Unique. Slightly masculine. If these words describe what you are looking for in a women’s stainless steel wedding ring, consider this CHARRIOL design that features distinctive twisted black cables set between two rims. A PVD coating further protects the band from wear and tear. You could wear this piece of jewelry while hiking, rope climbing, jackhammering, or even dishwashing. Or all of the above. And your ring will still look like new. Now if only your hair could do the same.

Band width 1mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This was a purchase for a female who enjoys masculine jewelry and it was the perfect balance. The ring size does run small by a half size.”

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Best Diamond Accent Band for Women

CHARRIOL Stainless Steel Band

Price: $265.00

We love the contemporary feel of this twisted cable design by CHARRIOL, and how just the teeniest diamond accent gives the band a little something special and sparkly. We can see the stainless steel band pairing well with an understated diamond solitaire engagement ring. But this jewelry piece makes enough of a statement to be worn on its own every day, or as an alternate wedding band for when you’re playing sports, traveling for work, or simply want to switch things up.

0.015 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“It is a pretty ring. I love it and use every day. It’s useful when traveling.”

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Best Cuff Ring for Women

CHARRIOL White Topaz Two-Tone Band

Price: $85.00

Looking for a unique stainless steel band that is bound to be noticed? Try this CHARRIOL cuff on for size. The treated rose gold-tone piece features a twisted cable ring, and white topaz sparkler. Wearers say the look is polished and put-together. We’re crushing on the unique, chic style. This distinctive piece would be a great alternate band to wear out to dinner, or just to change things up a bit from time to time. Because for under $100, why not? Incidentally, there are matching earrings. Just sayin’.

Stainless steel and rose gold-tone stainless steel

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I love Charriol jewelry, and this ring didn't disappoint. It looks clean and polished. This ring is very small. It was okay. I expected a more stunning and gorgeous piece just like what I saw on the pictures, but I can live with the style and still recommend it.”

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Best Milgrain Ring

PJ Personalized Women’s Wedding Band

Price: $21.00

Understated and timeless, this high polish stainless steel wedding band featuring milgrain detailing is an easy ring to wear, and justify spending money on! Because it’s so cost-effective, you could buy more than one in case you lose the first ring. Hey, it happens; no judgement! We love that you can engrave a special message of love inside the band for your sweetheart, too. Sniff. And users say this piece is lightweight and comfortable. We’re sold! How about you?

Band width 4mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I love my ring. It's exactly what I wanted at a price I could afford. It's amazing! Also I got crazy fast delivery, and the ring is super comfortable.”

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Best Solitaire Ring

The Steel Shop Stainless Steel Cubic Zirconia Band

Price: $47.00

You need bling you say? We aren’t mad at that. Check out this traditional round solitaire surrounded by a halo of smaller stones in price-conscious cubic zirconia, set in durable stainless steel. Who will even know this isn’t a diamond ring set in white gold? We sure won’t say a word. Especially since we’d love to rock this rock that requires little maintenance to stay lustrous and lovely. Now if only everything was that simple ... Happy “I do’s!”

Band width 2mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This came extremely fast and it’s so beautiful. The picture on the website doesn’t do it justice. The quality is great. It is true to size. Thank you. This is a beautiful ring, and it fits perfectly. It sparkles so much, and I love it. Arrived quicker than I expected, too.”

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Best Waved Band for Women

Jude Jewelers Knot Ring

Price: $15.00See Reviews

This is the stainless steel ring to keep on standby for travel according to reviewers. We love the waved design that creates a ribbon effect weaving through round cubic zirconia stones. You may just want to keep the low-cost, dainty band on all the time, even if you own a more expensive wedding ring. Reviewers rate this piece high for its delicate beauty and quality craftsmanship, while we adore the eye-catching design.

Bezel setting

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I have a silver allergy so I can either wear gold or stainless steel. I can’t wear my expensive wedding set while I work so I have a secondary cheaper wedding band to wear while working that I won’t be heartbroken if it broke or lost stones. I lost my plain stainless band and decided to give this one a try, and I’m so in love. This little ring is so cute, and for the price, it’s awesome. It’s way more stunning in person. I'm not sure how long it will hold up, but even if it only lasts a year I’ll be happy.”

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Best Stainless Steel Wedding Ring Set

Flame Reflection Cubic Zirconia Infinity Band and Round-Set Solitaire

Price: $19.00See Reviews

Over 660 reviewers can’t be wrong with their stellar ratings of this stainless steel wedding ring set on Amazon. For under $20, you get an authentic-looking engagement ring featuring a round center cubic zirconia ,surrounded by a halo of small stones that cascade onto the band, and then mirror the same pave-set stones on a matching wedding band. This is the perfect stainless steel wedding set to take on vacation, or wear every day. Because, bling. Need we say more?

0.46 carat center stone
Band width together 10mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I just received my ring set yesterday, and I love it. It's not too over the top. It's simple yet unique. I work in the medical field, and this ring has been perfect as it hasn't changed color or ripped through gloves. My real wedding ring needed to be taken in for repair after a diamond fell out so I wanted a ring to wear in the meantime. I love this ring. Nobody can tell it’s fake, and most people think it’s my real Neil Lane ring at first. If you're unsure if you want this ring, I suggest you buy it! I've been searching for months for a ring I would like to wear every day that looks realistic. It's hard to find one that's in half sizes, too. I had this ring in my cart for weeks before I decided to just get it. I'm glad I did. I wish I bought it sooner.”

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Best Diamond Accent Ring for Men

Stainless Steel Two-Tone Wedding Band

Price: $28.00

Men can wear diamonds, too! We love how this two-tone ring features just a hint of sparkle with a small stone embedded in the center of the band. Moreover, it’s refreshing to find a wedding band that is still masculine, but not boring, as some wedding rings for men can be. This piece would pair well with a two-tone watch, or stainless steel or silver timepiece. It would also look great on a hand holding a bouquet of red roses for you, for no reason. Just sayin’.

Diamond, 0.03 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“It's a great buy for the price and quality. It's a good quality ring, and I am quite satisfied with the purchase. Don't hesitate to buy. This ring will not turn your finger green and will not tarnish.”

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Best Ceramic Bling Ring for Men

Stainless Steel Diamond Accent Wedding Band

Price: $75.00

Black and steel-gray tones contrast to create look-at-me capital in this unique wedding band, which is accented by a row of small round diamonds. Men who appreciate bold style and contemporary design will be saying “heck yeah” to this ceramic and stainless steel wedding band, which reviewers praise for its quality, class, and beauty. And the price? Now you can afford that extravagant honeymoon, too.

0.1 carats

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I picked up my order very quickly. Once I put the ring on my fiancé’s finger it was so beautiful, he fell in love. I’ll be buying myself a black band just like this. I know this isn't the most expensive ring. But I definitely think it is one of the classiest pieces of jewelry that I've ever owned. I don't usually buy jewelry from Walmart, but I have to say that for the quality and the price I paid I am very satisfied.”

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Best Two-Tone with Texture and Milgrain Option for Women

JCPenney Stainless Steel Ring

Price: $125.00

Dependable and well-designed, this JC Penney ring wins big with women in the workforce due to its comfort and sturdy construction. If you tend to gravitate toward two-tone jewelry, this stainless steel wedding band is a winner. We’re over here admiring the milgrain detailing, as well as the textured yellow band. And in case you were wondering, yes, the band does come in men’s sizes. Read on to learn more. Because matching with your significant other is totally adorable; ask anyone!

Band width 6mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I am pleasantly surprised at how solid and pretty this ring is. The inside is very smooth, so it’s very comfortable to wear all day. It is shiny without being gaudy. I wanted a simple design and pattern, and this is now my favorite ring for my work days. It's a great value and great looking. Also for a working person, it does not snag on things, so it is perfect. I originally purchased the men's version of this ring because my husband really needed a ring that was sturdy enough to take a lot of abuse. After a year of him wearing it, it has proven to be a very good buy and does take a beating and still looks good so I decided to get one for myself. Mine will not be taking the same beating as my husband's, but I'm glad to know it can.”

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Best Two-Tone with Texture and Milgrain Option for Men

Mens 8mm Wedding Band in Stainless Steel

Price: $167.00

So we already introduced you to the women’s version of this classic-looking, two-tone, textured ring. Meet the guy’s version. Which is 2 millimeters thicker, but otherwise, basically identical, features milgrain detailing, and is ideal for everyday wear. We can see this ring suiting almost any guy, no matter what his style (or lack thereof). And might we suggest this well-priced, handsome-looking piece of jewelry is especially perfect for the man you are about to marry?

Band width 8mm

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I saw the ring online and knew this was perfect for me. I went into the store to see if maybe they had it in stock to look at. Well, they did and in my size. I bought it on the spot. I'm very satisfied! My husband is thrilled with his replacement wedding ring and is showing it to everyone he encounters. I love the two tone.”

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Best Superbowl Ring

EFFY Collection Onyx, Diamond and Gold Band

Price: $1,600.00

Banded gold, small, round-cut diamonds and a signet of black onyx add masculine flair to this substantial stainless steel ring fit for a Superbowl champ. Wearers say the band feels elegant and love the added bling. We are pretty big fans (see what we did there?) of the onyx, which makes this piece look unique and feel special. Of course this ring is a splurge. But, he’s worth it, right? We knew it!

14K gold accents
Diamonds, 1/5 carat
10 x 10 mm band

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“It's a very masculine ring with the diamonds providing a bit of sparkle and elegance. I totally love EFFY jewelry for men. The awesome heavy weight of the metal feels really substantial. The diamonds have great fire and sparkle. Black onyx is a great stone for men’s jewelry as it goes with everything. It's an absolutely awesome ring!”

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Best Cable Ring for Men

Titanium and Black Rhodium-Plate Band

Price: $275.00

What’s stronger than steel? Sorry Superman; it’s titanium! This masculine, substantial titanium band is enhanced by two small diamond accents that appear to float in mid-air. The twisted cable detail also adds something different that you won’t see on many other pieces for men. We can see this ring being a solid choice for a guy who appreciates modern, edgy design and likes to stand out.

Ion plated

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“The metal is darker than it looks, and one of the diamonds has fallen out after wearing for only a month.”

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Most Unique Filigree Ring for Men

Comfort-Fit Stainless Steel Ring

Price: $167.00

Modern, ornamental lines that look like they were hand-traced (called filigree) lend a special touch to this men’s wedding band in tarnish-resistant stainless steel. Wearers say the ring also stands out for its comfort and durability, and at less than $200, it seems pretty clear that guys who enjoy an elegant, modern-looking ring will wear this with a smile. Especially with you on their arm. Wink, wink.

Two-tone stainless steel.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“Beautiful ring for my fiance. I will put it on his finger when we get married next month. My better half bought me this ring and I absolutely love it. This was just what I was looking for, very pleased. I have had several compliments on it already.”

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Best Black Ring for Men

Diamond Stainless Steel Wedding Band

Price: $300.00

This top-rated stainless steel wedding band in black features a row of small sparklers, which lend a bit of bling to the modern design. Devotees of this substantial, yet lightweight men’s ring love how it stands out and appreciate the quality and style. If a classic stainless steel band doesn’t do it for you, try this standout piece on for size. And prepare for the compliments and questions about where you bought it!

Diamonds, 1/7 carat

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I purchased this ring as I wanted to wear something different. The quality is extremely good, and it's durable. I definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a change of style. This ring is made out of stainless steel which is sturdy, yet it is lightweight, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The diamonds really stand out against the black background and have a nice shine. It has a different look, unlike so many other wedding bands and people compliment it all the time. It is very nice looking.”