These Are the Best Tungsten Wedding Rings

These Are the Best Tungsten Wedding Rings
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The only thing that can scratch tungsten is a diamond. Yeah, we knew we admired diamonds for more than just their entrancing sparkle! But in all seriousness, the extreme durability of this strong-as-steel metal is why some people insist on purchasing a wedding ring crafted with tungsten. Cost effectiveness is another huge benefit as the price point will almost always be more budget-friendly than a similar band in white gold or platinum. Psst…. Most of the time no one will know the difference! Wearers also say there’s a nice, substantial feel on the hand when you choose tungsten. So if you’re looking for a long-lasting piece of jewelry that can stand up to any lifestyle, consider tungsten, which we should mention is hypoallergenic. Just bear in mind that a tungsten band cannot be resized because the metal is that hard. You’ll want to be sure you know your ring size before committing to the tungsten ring that will symbolize your nuptials to your one and only.



Tungsten Wedding Rings for Women and Men in 2019



Finding a Tungsten Wedding Ring



One of the most distinguishing qualities of tungsten rings is their band width. Most bands fall within a range of between two and eight millimeters. So deciding which size is right depends on what look you want to achieve. A chunky band will take up a decent amount of real estate on your finger. Or are you after the more understated look of a slender band? Either way, be sure to note the specifications on each listing here, which will inform you of the band width of each piece of jewelry.



How to Choose a Tungsten Ring



Tungsten is going to be more cost effective than white gold or platinum. Phew! This round-up features bands from $20 to around $300 and every price point in between.




Tungsten looks like silver, but also comes in white. Rings made with this durable metal can be plated with rose or yellow gold. Look out for a few bands that are black or feature inlays of colorful gemstones.




Many tungsten bands stick to a formula of timeless simplicity. Tungsten wedding rings tend to be high on shine and polish and not overly stylized, which is why most people like them. But we also found some fun, sparkly elements for those of you who want a little more bling with your ring.



Other Considerations:

The truth is many tungsten rings are made with men’s larger hands in mind. So they’re substantial but designed for comfort. Of course, there’s no reason a woman couldn’t rock a chunkier band. We also found several slender, more traditionally feminine rings crafted with smaller fingers in mind. Happy shopping!




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Best Gold-Plated Tungsten Ring

100S Jewelry Sandblasted Finish Band

Price: $40.00

This simple and elegant gold-plated tungsten ring for men features a smooth, sandblasted center band surrounded by two bands with a high-polish finish. We love the contrast of the two finishes and see why the piece is highly rated by Walmart customers. It’s a classic buy for a man who values timeless jewelry, doesn’t want a lot of fuss and will be happy to wear the same band the day he says “I do” and for years to come. By the way, the low price is very nice.

8 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I wear the ring to work, and it is still like new. The ring is very comfortable as well.”

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Best Beveled Band

Charming Jewelers Comfort-Fit Ring

Price: $25.00

This black enamel tungsten ring features a beveled edge and multiple, alternating layers of brushed and high-polish finish. This is a very substantial ring, measuring 10 millimeters in width. So if you want a look that says, “I’M MARRIED,” well, this might be it... Because YOU’RE MARRIED! We are big fans of how the black finish gives this tungsten ring something different, too. Oh, and congrats. YOU’RE MARRIED!

10 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“My husband loves this ring because it is heavy and durable. These rings can’t be damaged without a lot of effort. It’s the perfect size and dependability”

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Best Slender Band

Charming Jewelers Polished Tungsten Ring

Price: $25.00

This simple Charming Jewelers ring combines the durability and weight of tungsten in a slender, dainty design for women. We love the price of this piece, too. Might we suggest the classic-looking ring would make a very nice understudy for a more expensive ring if you’re going on vacation or work at a job that requires the use of your hands? Or if your engagement ring is a stunner, let it stay center stage with this perfect, understated, complementary band.

2 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I like how it's not too expensive. The material is nice. It's not as thick as I thought it would be, but it's small and cute compared to my husband’s. It's very comfortable to wear. It's also pretty. I'm very pleased with this ring. I love my band, and it’s very affordable, too.”

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Best Overstock Ring

Tungsten Brushed Finish Band

Price: $90.00

If comfort is key, meet this best-selling Overstock ring with over 285 near-perfect reviews. The wide band with a brushed finish center and layers of high polish features a beveled edge for a sophisticated, refined feel any man can appreciate. Devotees rave about the masculine quality this ring exudes. We are big fans of combining matte and shiny elements in one wedding band, which is kind of the best of both worlds. It’s worth noting this band runs a half size bigger than normal because, as a reminder, you can’t resize tungsten.

8 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This is a great ring. My husband loves it. It fits great and is comfortable and very durable. He uses it to open bottles, wears it to work and has it on when fixing his cars. Even through all of that, there’s not a single scuff or scratch yet! The ring does have some weight to it, but my husband actually likes that about the ring. The eight millimeter width is the perfect size for my husband, but that is a wide ring. It’s bigger than average bands, but to me that is one of the things that makes this a ‘man’s ring.’ The color, weight, size and durability make this a true manly ring.”

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Best Two-Tone Ring

Oliveti Tungsten Wedding Band

Price: $26.00

A delicate rose gold strip adorns this slim and graceful brushed tungsten band. We love how dainty the ring looks — It’s only three millimeters wide. We can totally see this wallet-friendly jewelry find being paired with an elegant, vintage-inspired, rose gold engagement ring. But alone or as a set, the Oliveti piece will stand the test of time stylewise. And of course, because this ring is crafted of tungsten, it’ll be around for as long as your love. Yeah, we have the chills, too, and all the feels.

3 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“It was a perfect fit. I got it for my girlfriend as a promise ring. She loved it.”

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Best Laser-Etched Band

Celtic Design Ring

Price: $27.00

If you want a tungsten wedding band with a little something extra, check out the laser-etched Celtic design on this price-conscious ring. The medium-width band is highly rated on Overstock for its pretty pattern and shiny finish. Reviewers do caution that the etched design is subtle, so if you are looking for a very distinct, patterned ring, this piece may not be for you. Meanwhile, we love the idea of purchasing this band for a vow renewal or as a backup ring. Wearers swear it’s virtually indestructible so don’t be afraid to put it to the test!

5 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“One of the first things that caught our eye was the Celtic design since our ancestry is Celtic. The etching, especially on the five millimeter band, isn't as distinct and visible as I thought, but we are both still very happy with them. My fiancé and I were looking for unique wedding bands and came across this ring after surfing the internet. When we received the ring, I immediately opened the box and tried on the ring. It fit perfectly! I followed the advice of the reviews on this site and ordered a half size smaller than normal. I'm glad I did. The ring is beautiful and shiny. I love it.”

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Best White Tungsten Ring

Triton Comfort-Fit Band

Price: $350.00

Compared to many other rings on this round-up, the white tungsten design from Triton is a splurge at over $300. But the timeless simplicity and elegance of the band is going to last a lifetime. Wearers promise you cannot damage this band. (We dare you to try!) Customers claim it stands up to more expensive and virtually identical platinum bands. Many report buying several bands that were uncomfortable or that wear over time, but this Triton band has both durability and comfort in mind. So in the end, it seems there is no reason not to buy this attractive, versatile, impressively-crafted ring.

6 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I had a platinum ring that looked just like this, which was purchased for many times the cost. I lost it after about six months and bought this as a substitute as I didn't pay that much anymore. Well, it has been about one and a half years now, and I have found the old ring. The platinum ring has so many scratches even though I tried to take care of it. This ring looks just as good as the day it was purchased even though I don't try to avoid scratches. It is impossible to damage it! This looks far better and is so much more durable. I am only wearing this ring and believe this to be a much better ring. Don't even think about it another minute. You will not be sorry for your purchase.”

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Most Delicate Ring

Alpha Tungsten Wedding Band

Price: $55.00

It can be difficult to find a slender tungsten wedding band, but this best-selling Etsy bauble may just be the holy grail. Delicate yet sturdy, the petite band can be engraved for no added charge. Maybe a sweet message of love for your wedding day will enhance the romance! Sniff. After looking extensively, we swear this ring is a true find. It’s understated, pretty and would look stunning with any style of engagement ring or hanging out alone on your finger.

White gold plated. 2 mm band width.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“The ring is exactly as described. It’s a solid band. I am incredibly happy with my decision to purchase from Alpha Tungsten. I love the ring, and it is super comfortable. It looks great with my solitaire!”

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Best Etsy Band

Aydins Jewelry Thin Ring

Price: $63.00

Delicate and dainty, this thin, rose gold-plated tungsten wedding ring is a rare get. We are loving the vintage feel of the band, and wearers praise the fit and effortless beauty it provides. Reviewers are also quick to point out the piece feels like a high quality item despite its relatively low price tag. So, if you want a rose gold wedding band that won’t break the bank, or, um, ever break period, this is the one. Congrats!

Rose gold plated
2 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“Amir was wonderful. When the ring arrived, it did not fit as expected. He responded promptly, and the exchange was simple and quick. Now I have the ring, and it fits perfectly. It’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much! The ring is absolutely beautiful. I appreciate the fast shipping, and the ring fits like a charm.”

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Best Opal Ring

VAKKI Black Wedding Band

Price: $30.00See Reviews

Sandwiched between polished black tungsten, this fire opal inlay ring brings something different down the aisle. We love the colorful look and how reviewers say the opals catch the light and constantly look different. The band is also designed for comfort, so while you’re busy looking fly, you won’t even notice a thing while others around you can’t help but admire the ring. Meanwhile, wearers say the look isn’t so flashy that it borders on gaudy. And the cost is less than a round of cocktails on your honeymoon!

4 or 8 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“My girlfriend and I got matching fire opal rings. We both love our rings! They are true to size, comfortable and interesting without being flashy. This ring looks especially beautiful when it sparkles in bright lighting. The colors are vibrant and true to the picture.”

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Best Unisex Band

100S Gold and Silver Tungsten Ring

Price: $40.00See Reviews

This everyday, two-tone ring is sized to appeal to both men and women as it measures six millimeters in width. So this high-polish, gold and silver banded ring looks substantial on larger fingers but not overwhelming on more slender digits. We love the two-tone look because it pairs well with any watch or jewelry. To sum up, this is a timeless band that both male and female wearers alike rate highly for its quality, comfortable fit and elegant, timeless appearance. Are you clicking “buy” yet?

14K gold plated
6 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“I got this ring to give my six millimeter, gold and platinum Tiffany band valued at $2,325 a break. It was starting to get a little scuffed. Without a close look, most people can’t tell the difference. This ring is absolutely beautiful! I have small fingers so I was not sure this ring would look feminine but was pleasantly surprised.”

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Best Cubic Zirconia Ring

Duke Collection Tungsten Wedding Band

Price: $50.00See Reviews

Do you want a little bling with your tungsten? Look no further than this priced-right, chunky band that features a row of sparkly cubic zirconia. Designed with comfort in mind, the smooth-finish on this Duke Collections ring is both elegant and slightly masculine. But with that said, the highly-rated band could also work for a woman. Wearers praise this tungsten ring’s expensive appearance, the high quality for the money and especially the durability.

8 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“The ring looks so sexy on my husband's hand. I bought this to replace my husbands old, worn-out wedding band, and he loved it. Everyone thought it was more expensive than it was, and I know it is going to last a long time. The ring maintains its shine quite well and has never faded!”

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Best Satin-Band Ring

JCPenney Comfort Fit Ring

Price: $312.00

OK, stop. This ring is just attractive. We love the satin finish in the center and how it’s raised and sandwiched between two layers of high polish tungsten. The substantial band is manly and comfortable, which men typically love. It’s not worth overthinking this purchase. Customers are very happy with the band, and it’ll last as long as the silver platter your mother-in-law gifted you on your wedding day that’s been in the family for generations that you’ll probably never use.

8 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“It’s a nice, very attractive, good choice ring. This ring is both manly and classy. The thickness of the band is substantial, and the rounded edge makes it so comfortable. He loves it!”

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Best Colorful Ring

JCPenney Tungsten Wedding Band

Price: $208.00

With a graceful layer of mother-of-pearl accents, this shiny tungsten wedding band for women ticks all the boxes. It has a considerable width so it’s not too flimsy. It’s pretty, but not overly dainty. It’s solid but features something different from every other ring we came across. It’s vintage yet modern. It’s everything! OK, we don’t want to overstate how great this ring is, but trust us — You won’t come across a million tungsten wedding bands that feature mother-of-pearl. So go for it!

5 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This is a beautiful ring. I would recommend it to a friend.”

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Best Flat Brushed Band

MILANA Tungsten Ring

Price: $112.00

If you are a woman who wants a weighty ring on your finger, meet this flat-brushed tungsten band that comes in small sizes. Or if you’re a man who hopes to rock a simple tungsten band in a medium width, yeah, it’s this ring, too. The MILANA design with the brushed center and polished edges is simple, classic and exceedingly pleasing to gaze upon. The comfort fit wins big with wearers. Seriously, reviewers are just plain happy to have and hold it. We feel confident you will be, too.

8 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This ring has nice, neat finish in the middle and smooth on the edges. It’s medium weight, and it fits comfortably. It’s an amazing ring with fabulous quality and true to size. It’s a great ring and looks expensive!”

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Best Chunky Band

THORSTEN-ATHENA Flat Tungsten Ring

Price: $85.00

It doesn’t take a lot to make you happy. You don’t need bling. You don’t need sparkle, pomp or circumstance. Less is more. Simplicity is key. If this describes you, you’ll love this chunky tungsten band that features, well, shiny tungsten. It’s crafted simply for your minimal taste. The price is just as straight-forward. With this decision made, you can focus your attention on other pressing matters like whether to go to Fiji, Paris, South Africa or Disney World for your honeymoon!

6 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This ring is beautiful paired with my diamond anniversary band.”

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Most Unique Tungsten Option

Meteorite Deer Antler Ring

Price: $190.00

Here’s our promise to you: No one is going to have the same tungsten ring you do if you go with this unique find. It features layers of rose gold, meteorite and yup, deer antler. The edges are domed for comfort and polished for shine and beauty. Users purchase the ring for men and women, and praise the exceptional craftsmanship, comfort and artistry. We sure haven’t seen anything like it! Here’s hoping you’ll fall in love with this special ring just like you fell for your special someone.

8 mm band width.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This is an amazing piece. It fits perfectly. I couldn't be happier. I'm extremely happy with the craftsmanship and quality of the ring. It looks and feels great. The ring arrived exactly as pictured.”

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Best Silver Faceted Option:

Unity Ring Designs Tungsten Band

Price: $39.00

If you want the durability of a tungsten ring but the smooth finish you see on many bands doesn’t quite suit your fancy, perhaps this faceted band will be for you. It’s something different but still offers up the quality tungsten promises. We love how this piece would work for men or women given its varying band widths. You may want to consider a matching pair, especially since the cost of two faceted rings would be less than an Uber to and from the mall to shop for rings.

4 - 8 mm band width

What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This is a gorgeous ring. Thank you very much! People have liked seeing the ring. I've received a handful of compliments, and it fits just right.”